Thursday, April 28, 2016

Sims Reality All-Stars- Episode Eight

Bridgette: So, Holly, why did you brought us today?

Holly: Well, I was wondering if all of us girls can form an all female alliance.

Autumn: We can do that but what if the Mole is a girl?

Holly: I have my reasons to believe that the Mole is a boy.

Autumn: Well, since I can't say no to an alliance, I will have to say yes.

Bridgette: Yeah, it's like the line in Ghostbusters. When somebody asks you to be part of an alliance, you say yes!

Brock: I overheard the girls talking about something.

Steven: What is it? Are they talking about killing somebody?

Brock: No it is that they are forming an alliance with all girls,

Kyle: Wait if that is true, then we basically to form an alliance with all boys in it.

Steven: I'll say yes to it.

Crook: I'll join this alliance for this occasion! Excuse me for one moment!

Kyle: Why are you leaving for a bit?'

Crook: Because I think I ate somethin' bad for breaksmartly today and I feel t' need t' vomit

Akiko: Hello everybody! Unfortunately, Crook can't compete in this mission today because he feels somewhat sick after he ate a disgusting pop tart for breakfast. Here is how the mission will work.

Akiko: Bridgette and Steven, you two are the sim makers. You will be giving somebody a makeover to make them look like somebody else. That somebody else is picked by the production team and they will be somewhat notable as they are either a celebrity or a fictional character so you won't be making a sim based on your 4th grade teacher or something like that. Both of you will be assigned a certain part to make for that sim.

Akiko: Kyle, Holly, and Autumn, you guys are the guessers as once the sim makers are done, you will have to guess who the Sim Makers base their sim off of. If you guess correctly, 57 points will be added to the pot and you will be part of a tie-breaker question to determine who wins Head of Household. If not, 57 points will be lost to the pot and the sim makers will be part of a tie-breaker question to determine who wins Head of Household.

Akiko: As for Brock, he will the predictor as he will predict if the guessers will guess correctly or not. If his prediction is accurate, then 57 points will be added to the pot.

Akiko: Now, Bridgette, earlier today, we ask you to choose a gender, an age group, a skin tone, an occult type, an eye color, and a hair color for this sim. We went through thousands of subjects to find a perfect match. Come on out!

??????: Hey I was told I was getting a makeover/

Akiko: Indeed, you are! Steven, please go to the backyard to work on the sim.

Stevan: Let's see. According to this paper, I will be working on your face, ears, eye shape, mouth, nose, weight, muscle tone, muscle definement, and breast size.

??????: Wait, how is that possible?

Stevan: Plastic surgery?

????????: What the ****? I literally did not ask for plastic surgery. I thought I was getting a makeover instead of this ****.

Stevan: Yeah, it's an act against humanity. Only a person as sick as a serial killer will do this.

??????????: Well, I just hope you don't change too much.

Stevan: Yeah, looking at the person we are basing you on, she kinda has some big breasts. I think we are going to have to do a boob job on you.

??????????" What? I don't want to have a boob job. After this ****, I am going to file a lawsuit for this show as this was an act against humanity.

?????????: Please tell me that you won't be doing plastic surgery on me.

Bridgette: No as I will be doing your hairstyle, eyebrows, clothing, and maker-up. They also listed tattoos and topical details but I didn't find any of those two things on the sim. Plus, if we are making a male sim, we will have to work on some chesthair in which you aren't a male sim.

??????????: Thank goodness! This is the makeover I wanted and not some plastic surgery **** that included a boob job.

Akiko: Well, it looks like the Sim Makers are done with their sim. 

????????????: Yeah, I'm still upset that you deceived into getting plastic surgery and have me get a boob job.

Akiko: Oh, sure! Let's tell everybody that we are giving somebody a makeover that includes plastic surgery and a possible boob job if you are a girl. I am sure that many people will sign-up for that.

???????????: Still, I'm not some darn doll. I'm a living person. Anyway, can I leave now? I did my part.

Akiko: Not yet. Leave when the guessers come and discuss about their role in the mission as they need to take a good look at the sim. Anyway, just now, we ask Brock about his prediction. In addition to that, Bridgette ended up assigning five traits to the sim and three favorites. She ended up putting these things down-

Computer Whiz
Couch Potato
Favorite Color: White
Favorite Food: Sushi
Favorite Music: Electronica

Akiko: Autumn, Kyle, and Holly, please go outside to figure out who the Sim Makers base their sim on.

?????????????: Okay, since they are figuring out, can I go now?

Akiko: Yes you can!

?????: Thank ******* god!

Kyle: I'm not sure who the sim is. My best guess is Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter but I am not sure.

Holly: I know who the sim is. It's Chiaki Nanami from Super Dangan Ronpa 2. She looks exactly like that sim.

Autumn: Well, if you say so. I'm not sure that it looks like Luna Lovegood to be honest so I am going with Chiaki.

Kyle: Well, I am not what Super Dangan Ronpa 2 is but since you guys want to go with it, I'll go with it as well.

Akiko: Now, the Sim Makers ended up making their decision.

Akiko: Just for the record, Brock predicted that guessers will incorrectly guess the person the sim makers will base their sim on. I must state that that prediction is incorrect. 

Akiko: Congrats to Autumn, Holly, and Kyle for correctly guessing the sim, adding 57 points to the pot, and making it to the tie-breaker round. However, sorry to Brock as he lost 57 points to the pot. Actually, I'm not sorry. Why should I care about how many points you guys get?

Brock: Wait, question, I thought you hated anime. You told Thalia that one of the Japanese stereotypes is them liking anime and manga which is not true for you.

Akiko: First of all, Super Dangan Ronpa 2 is a visual novel not an anime as the only first game gets turned into an anime in which that anime sucks.

Brock: Still Super Dangan Ronpa 2 looks pretty anime-ish.

Akiko: There's a difference between an anime and a visual novel as visual novels are playable and anime shows are not. So, since Super Dangan Ronpa 2 is a visual novel and not an anime, I do not dislike it. Besides, Super Dangan Ronpa 2 ended up involving dying. How can you dislike a visual novel that involves people dying?


Holly: Um, there is a serial killer in the first visual novel.

Stevan: Can somebody remind me to never play the first visual novel?

Akiko: Anyway, the tie-breaker is this- If you add the file sizes for all three of the sim files the sim makers dealt with, how many kilobytes will you get? The person closest to the correct answer will win Head of Household.

Autumn: 1,300

Holly: 1,294

Kyle: 1,050

Akiko: The correct answer is.....


Akiko: Congrats Holly! You won Head of Household! Now, since I said everything I needed to say, I will go now! Bye!