Thursday, May 5, 2016

Diana Cera and Lady America

Diana is a tomboy who likes to play sports, swear, and get dirty. She does not like to act proper and be forced into situations where she can't swear. However, despite that, she is secretly into ballet dancing and tries to keep it as a secret of hers but her denial off of it comes across as blatant lies.

Lady America is a superhero from a pair of comic books. A very rich girl named Larxene Carter was very into comics and superheroes that she bought that the costume that was used in a Lady America film. There, she acts very hammy and pretends to be a superhero.

For Diana, you need University Life and she has transferable custom content.

For Lady America, you need zero custom content but she has content from Ambitions.

You can find both of these sims in the Uploads section. Hope you enjoy both of those girls.

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