Saturday, May 7, 2016

Sims Reality All-Stars Episode Nine

*Sometime before the Head of Household competition*

Crook: Ahoy! thar Autumn. Will we like t' ask you somethin'?

Autumn: What will you like to ask me?

Crook: We heard that thar be an all-female alliance goin' on around here

Stevan: We will like to know if you three are going to go around and kill all the men here like a black widow.

Autumn: No I can say there isn't one. If you still don't believe me, then I will swear on the bible that if I win Head of Household, I will not nominate the both of you.

Stevan: Interesting!

*After the Head of Household competition*

Bridgette: Congrats Holly on winning that competition!

*Autumn transforms into Quinn*

Quinn: You are the champions - my friend and you'll keep on fighting until the end.

Holly: Thank you! Now we have to discuss  who to nominate and why.

Quinn: Well, I don't think Stevan is the Mole because he is so darn odd and would probably state something about that if he were, So, let's nominate Kyle, Brock, and Crook.

Bridgette: Hey Gregory was the Mole in Season Three and he is basically another oddball. Heck, all three members of the final three from the season are considered to be oddballs as if you were to show somebody who never watched the Mole before the first episode of season three and ask them to predict the final three, I do not think they would of stated Sara, Gregory, and Evarrine.

Holly: That's a fair point. Also, given how the Mole kinda has it's fair share of oddballs and how the Mole is selected randomly on both here and the actual Mole show, I kinda expect for anybody to be the Mole no matter how quirky they are.

"Quinn": If you want to figure out who to nominate, then listen to your heart when he's calling for you.

Akiko (through intercom): Who is this he you are talking about?

Brock: Well, I guess three of us are getting nominated this week unless we can think of some sort of last-minute plan.

Crook: I have an idea!

Brock: What is it?

Crook: Autumn ended up swearin' on t' bible that she would not nominate me or Stevan if she wins Head o' Household

Brock: Then we can attempt to use that information against Autumn in hopes that Holly nominates her unless she thinks we are lying.

Crook: Well, let's hope for t' best

Kyle: Hello there, ladies! Nice room for the Head of Household.

Bridgette: Is the first time the Head of Household room has been shown on camera?

Holly: I believe so!

Stevan: Anyway, Autumn is not quite a black widow in here.

Holly: What do you mean?

Bridgette: Nobody is a black widow in here.

Stevan: What I'm trying to say that is that Autumn sworn under the bible that if she wins Head of Household, she wouldn't nominate me nor Crook.

Bridgette: Is that information true?

Kyle: Yes it is.

Stevan: I'm just glad that she won't kill me.

Holly: Can you please leave this room? Me and Bridgette want to discuss what to do with this new information and possibly nominate Autumn.

Kyle: Well, I talked with Holly and she may nominate Autumn for eviction this week.

Brock: I hope she does! I have to win this money for Thalia since she can't get any prize money.

Kyle: Though if Autumn actually gets nominated this week, we have to hope that she gets the lowest quiz score or else one of the guys go home.

Brock: Still, Autumn may flip over with the guys as I kinda think she will be upset at Holly and Bridgette for what they did.

Kyle: Yeah, she'll probably turn into Sue afterwords.

Holly: Welcome to the nomination ceremony. As usual, I will nominate three people for execution this week. Those three people will have to take a quiz on the Mole's identity and whoever gets the lowest score will be executed. I have decided to nominate.......

Holly: Brock,.....

Holly: Kyle, and.....

Holly: Autumn for execution this week because I have intuition that tells me they are not what they seem according to something in these old lady bones *laughs* Yes I'm laughing at myself *laughs even more*.

Holly: *stops laughing* With that said, this meeting is adjourned!

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