Friday, May 27, 2016

Sims Reality All-Stars- Episode Ten

"Sue": What the **** are you thinking? Nominate your own ally. That has to be a ******* stupid move.

Bridgette: Stupid is a swear word according to the forums

"Sue": Yes stupid is a god **** swear word but not the word dumb in addition to the word pizza used to being a swear word.

Holly: Calm down, we have good reasons to nominate you.

"Sue": And what are those reasons?

Bridgette: You ended up swearing on the bible word that you would not nominate Crook nor Stevan. If you kept your word, one of us would of nominated.

Holly: Yeah, that was the reason.

"Sue": You ****** morons, I did that so they would not know about the alliance. Just be thankful that  violence is against the rules or else I will punch you so hard right now.

Holly: Oh really then? I can kick your *** easily as don't mistake me as being weak just because I am an elder.

Bridgette: What?

Holly: Yeah, Sue, let's fight right now.

Bridgette: Okay, Holly, I am taking you somewhere else right now.

Crook: Silver me timbers! I can't believe it worked!

Stevan: Now, we need to find some way for Autumn to get executed. Not the literal kind but the elimination kind.

Crook: Well, do you guys have an idea on how t' do that?

Kyle: How about we trick her into thinking one of us being the Mole.

Stevan: That sounds like a good idea.

Crook: I don't feel comfortable with that idea.

Kyle: Why?

Crook: Because didn't Gregory try t' state that same idea t' Evarrine in Season Three o' t' Mole and thus t' rest o' t' house trusted him. If one o' us be t' Mole, then that scenario may happen.

Stevan: Don't you mean killer?

Kyle: Well, how about we do a majority rules thing and there can zero volunteers. Gregory volunteer to be the person to have Evarrine suspect to be the Mole. If we do just a vote, then nobody would volunteer and they will have to pretend to be the Mole to trick Autumn even if they are the Mole.

Stevan: Well, I prefer that idea. But where is Brock? Could somebody kill him already?

Kyle: Um, no. I will go look for him right now.

Brock: Um, hey there, what are you doing here?

Burglar: OH ****! I'M CAUGHT!

Akiko (yelling out from the kitchen): WHO THE **** IS DISTURBING MY MIDNIGHT SNACK?

Brock: Um, Akiko, why are you here in the middle of the night eating a bowl of cereal in our kitchen?

Akiko: I could ask you the same question without the cereal part of course.

Brock: I felt a bit thirsty so I am here to get a drink.

Akiko: The bar is not in the kitchen as this isn't that My Drunk Kitchen show. Anyway, who was that that stated that he was caught?

Brock: First of all, I was getting a drink of water. I believe that was a burglar.

Akiko: What? I thought this show has tight security so that nobody can go inside here. Let me just ask the police to handle that matter and the security is going to burn in eternal hell and there would one less paycheck for them.

Security (through intercom): WE ARE NOT GETTING PAID FOR THIS SHOW? ****!

Akiko: Well, guys, I got some news. As many of you guys know, there has a burglar attempting to rob this house. The burglar has been dealt with but as it turns out, one of you guys were their accomplice. They were able to get in the house because of them and that person is.........

Akiko: Crook!

Crook: What? I be no accomplice for this burglar.

Akiko: This burglar was actually used part of your pirate crew. The police is coming for you shortly. Your time in Sims Reality All-Stars is now over for good!

Crook: Darn it!

Akiko: Now, since Crook has left the game which is somehow fill with criminals for some strange reason

Stevan: Yeah, all these criminals are making me scared. One of them is going to kill me. I know it.

Holly: Stevan, take a deep breathe and relax for a bit.

 Akiko: Can you please not interrupt me? People who interrupt me can be just as bad as those Nyan Cat lovers. Anyway, since Crook is gone, we are going to have a previously eliminated player take his place. Come on out!

Ollie: Hey guys, I am back! Somebody who was somehow a huge fan of mine was able to bail me out of jail.

Akiko: Yes despite your limited time here and the fact that your show takes place in the future, you have some sort of fan who really wants you out of jail. Anyways, like before, if Crook was the Mole, then Ollie will be the Mole. If Crook isn't the Mole, then Ollie won't be the Mole as well. Anyway, it's time for the Mole quiz. I need all three nominees to go upstairs to take it.

1. What is the Mole's gender?
a. Male
b. Female

2. During the "Uptown Funk" performance in Episode Seven, what instrument did the Mole perform?
a. Vocals
b. Bass
c. Guitar
d. Drums
e. Trumpets

3. Was the Mole inactive during the "Build-A-Sim Workshop" mission?
a. Yes
b. No

4. If everybody were to be active in the "Build-A-Sim Workshop" mission, what role would the Mole play?
a. Sim Maker
b. Guesser
e. Predictor

5. Did the Mole made it to the tie-breaker round?
a. Yes
b. No as the Mole couldn't have made it to the tie-breaker round
c. No as the Mole didn't met the requirements to make it to the tie-breaker round
d. No as the Mole didn't participate in the last mission

6. If the Mole did make it to the tie-breaker round, what was their answer?
a. 1,300
b. 1,294
c. 1,050
d. The Mole did not participate in the tie-breaker round

7. Did the Mole help add points to the pot?
a. Yes
b. No as they ended up failing to do their task in which that task cost them points from the point
c. No as they weren't in any position to help add points to the pot

8. How many times the Mole has been nominated so far?
a. Two
b. One
c. Zero

9. Complete This Sentence: This week, the Mole is.....
a. The Head of Household
b. Nominated
c. None of the Above

10. Who is the Mole?
a. Crook
b. Holly
c. Brock
d. Kyle
e. Autumn
f. Stevan
g. Bridgette

11. This question is a tie-breaker question. The answer will be a number. Whoever comes furthest from the correct answer will be executed. How many words were typed in the fourth episode of this season?

Akiko: Let's start this execution started. Like past executions, all three of the nominees are kinda locked inside one of these rooms each holding a pair of keys. Two keys can unlock the door while one of them won't. The one that won't will ask to leave the house. The nominees can open their doors now.

Akiko: Brock is safe for another week. That means either Autumn or Kyle will go home if you couldn't have tell already as I am not some Alison Grodner person who would go out of their way to rig the game for a certain contestant. Now, one more contestant will stay for another week. That contestant is........

Akiko: Kyle!

Akiko: That means, Autumn, you are eliminated from the game. Let me unlock your door first then you will come outside with me.

"Judy": Just why did it have to be me? *cries* First I was betrayed by my alliance and now this. This is just terrible news.

Akiko: Please stop crying. Nobody likes crying in reality shows.

"Judy": If nobody likes crying in reality shows, then that must mean nobody likes me. I'm just Scrappy Doo.

Akiko: Can you just please leave? I don't want anymore crying and anymore false comparisons to that thing.

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