Monday, June 20, 2016

Sims Reality All-Stars Episode 11 Part One

*During the night Crook went home*

Brock: Zzzzzzz!

*Back in Episode Five*

Akiko: "Congrats Brook! you are the new Head of Household."

Brock: Zzzzzzz!

*Back in Episode Two*

Brock: "What the slash fic was the production team thinking when hiring bank-robbers?"

Brock: "Crook and me?... No way.... She can't be shipping us right? Whatever, I'm getting a drink of water soon. I hope I don't run into any other robbers."

Ollie: It feels so good to be back here. I hate Prison.

Bridgette: Nobody wants to go to prison. Even if orange is the black.

Holly: Yeah, it feels good to have my grandnephew-in-law back.

Bridgette: I thought Ollie was your grandson-in-law,

Holly: Nope it's grandnephew-in-law.

Ollie: Though I won't be upset if you get those two confused, I have a feeling our family tree is complicated as the Once Upon A Time family tree.

Holly: At least our family tree doesn't have to have some sort of DVD special to explain the family tree nor they will be some sort of unpleasant thanksgiving dinner.

Ollie: So what's happened in the house while I am gone?

Bridgette: Well, the alliances are basically boys versus girls now. Me and Holly were alligned together with Autumn but....

Holly: We screwed up with the nominations.

Ollie: Why you screwed up?

Bridgette: Holly nominated Autumn because she believed something from the guys. Looking back at it, it probably was a bad move.

Holly: Hey, Ollie, do you mind aligning with your grandaunt-in-law and her closest ally?

Bridgette: Yeah it will make both sides equal.

Ollie: Sir! I'll gladly do it.

Stevan: Can you please tell me who is inside the bathroom right now? I really need to use it.

Kyle: Brock is inside there and based upon what I heard, he is going number two.

Stevan: Oh thank goodness. I though that the killer was inside there. Wait, is Brock the killer?

Kyle: No. He is not going to murder anybody. I promise.

Stevan: I just hope you keep it!

Kyle: Listen we need to talk about Ollie.

Stevan: Yeah, he is a guy and I believe all of the guys are working together.

Kyle: But that is the problem. One of the girls is grandaunt-in-law. There's no way he will betray his grandaunt-in-law.

Stevan: I guess you have a point but never say never. Wait, if he did nominate his grandaunt-in-law, that must mean that he is the killer.

Kyle: He isn't. Look the point is that I don't think we can get Ollie on our side no matter what. Ollie is Ollie not Ciera Eastin. I believe he will work with his grandaunt-in-law until the end.

*Stay tune for Part Two*

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