Thursday, June 23, 2016

Sims Reality All-Stars Episode Eleven Part Two

Akiko: Good morning, Holly!

Holly: What are doing here in my room by the way?

Akiko: Well, I am here for the next mission aka Akiko's Funhouse. Last night, I had a bit of fun with the other contestants. Most of them were locked up inside a room where they ended up receiving "unusual punishments" for not winning the last Head of Household competition. The reason why I have stated most of them is that the only person who didn't receive a punishment was you because you won the last Head of Household competition.

However, those punishments may be the key to winning Head of Household. I ended up having a talk about what punishments they ended up receiving and they will have to tell you about those punishments. However, all of them except for one person is lying about what punishment they took. It is up to you to figure out which one is telling the truth.

If you correctly guesses which person is telling the truth, then 101 points will be added to the pot. If not, zero points will be added to the pot. In addition, the person who you pick will also win Head of Household so because of that all of the names will labelled as Person A, Person B, etc. instead of what their names as an effort to prevent you from cheating by picking out the person you think is least likely to nominate you. Now, here is a list of the other five contestants and the punishments. Decide which punishment is true.

Holly: (after looking at the list) I think Person E is telling the truth.

Akiko: Well, let's see if that is true or not. Come out to the living room after you put on your everyday wear.

Akiko: Holly has made her decision. She believes Person E is telling the truth. Who is Person E? Well, you will find out after I show you guys the punishments of the four other people in this television screen. Let's start with Person A.

Bridgette: Aw, look at these cats. I just want to pet one.

*Bridgette gets out of her bed and tries to pet one only for them to bite her*

Bridgette: Oh! Bad kitty!

*The cats then scratches Bridgette's bed*

Bridgette: Really?

Akiko: I'm sorry, Bridgette but.....wait....I don't feel sorry at all. Anyway, the point is that Bridgette did not win Head of Household. She is also one of the four liars in this game. Her lie was that ""I was forced to stay in a room where everything I could possibly use was tied to the ceiling. It was a very boring night and I couldn't do much but sit on the floor." Anyway, let's move on to Person B.

Stevan: Cassi? Is that you? You're a zombie/ Please tell me where is your collar?

Cassi: Braiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnsssssssssssssssss

Stevan: I guess I am not going to receive an answer soon.

Holly: Wait? Is Cassi going to be alright?

Cassi: Yes as long as I get out of here soon! I need food!

Akiko: Shut up! Don't be like whiny Tidus.

Akiko: Anyway, Stevan, you can not win Head of Household. He was one of the liars in this mission and his lie that he told was he was trapped inside a train with me who was a murderer wearing a frog mask. Anyway, let's move on to Person C.

Kyle: Ugh! This room stinks! Where did the production get all this trash? Wait, I don't want to know the answer.

Akiko: Kyle, your chances at winning Head of Household are now over! You lied about your punishment stating you were trapped in a room with the most terrible artwork in the world. 

Akiko: Because of that, I shall state that both Ollie and Brock have a 50% chance at winning Head of Household. One of you guys are telling the truth while the other is lying. I shall state for the record that Brock was the person who told the truth. However, was that person Holly picked? Let's find out as we will watch the punishment Person D suffered through.

*22 by Taylor Swift plays on the radio*

Brock: I have enough with Taylor Swift! It's 3:00 am in the morning. I need to sleeping now.

Akiko: Well, this is bad news for Brock but good news for Ollie as you have Head of Household now. Though it came at the cost of points but you are guaranteed a spot at the final four.

Everybody: Final four?

Akiko: Yes, we are having a double execution this week  Ollie will nominate four people for execution this week and two out of the four people will get executed. Before we go, I shall state that the lie Ollie told Holly that he has stuck inside a room with nothing but a bottle of wine and a vampire. As I head-out, watch the punishment that Ollie actually had to go through.

Ollie: HEALH-E? Is that you?

Robot: No, I am KILL-E your personal ex-killer robot.

Strong: You know where Strong can find a snow leopard? Strong needs to hunt some animals for him to eat. 

Mummy: If you are looking for somebody named Snow Leopard, then I will have to give you the Mummy's Curse.

Ollie: I have a feeling that you guys are all here because of me and Holly accidentally time-traveling into the past.

*Stay tune to the next episode to find out what happens next*