Friday, July 1, 2016

Sims Reality All-Stars Episode 12

Bridgette: So... I know what people are probably thinking! Cats? They're totally not harmful and actually kinda cute... Well, I'm sorry, but you are mistaken! They were deadly, they kept scratching at me, and one specifically kept biting my leg... I'm sure they were just hungry and wanted a friend, in which case, I'll definitely be their friend!... Maybe the cats should receive a punishment of their own though! Put them in a room with Taiha Anderson! Haha! That'd be priceless!... Anyway, the longer I'm on this show, the more I miss my husband to be, Pacman... But just because I miss him doesn't mean I wanna go home just yet!

Holly: So you are not going to nominate me since we are family, right?

Ollie: Correct!

Holly: Thank you! I just hope that Bridgette makes out of the double execution alive.

Ollie: Yeah, I want to be at the end with both you and Bridgette.

Brock: So it is clear that all four of us are getting nominated, right?

Kyle: Yeah while Ciera did vote out her mother in Survivor Blood vs Water, it was because Laura was going to get voted out at that point anyway and Ciera wanted to prove her loyalty to her alliance.

Brock: And with Ollie's case, he wouldn't be exactly be proving his loyalty to his alliance.

Steven: Plus, if he were to nominate his own family member, then he is more likely to be a killer. A killer that will kill their own family that is.

Bridgette: I just wish this wasn't a double execution.

Steven: Why?

Bridgette: Because the only reason I am getting nominated in the first place is because of it. I feel like Ollie would of nominated you three guys first before he nominates me.

Kyle: You have a point there. Though I just hope one of my allies gets to be safe this week.

Ollie: Welcome to the nominations ceremony. We all should know how this works by now so I am just going to get right to it. I have decided to nominate....

Ollie: Bridgette, Brock, Kyle and Steven because I want to save Holly from being nominated. Me and Holly share a much stronger bond then the others do, we are technically family now after the events of Romeo and Juliet. This meeting is adjourned.

Akiko: Not so fast! We are having the quiz right now! No time to study as two of you are going to get executed tonight. Don't whine about this. My son is tired of the babysitter I hired them and I want to fire them for being a huge Nyan Cat fan. However, I can't fire them until after the execution so let's get this started.

1. Is the Mole male or female?
a. Male
b. Female

2. Is the Mole somehow related to another contestant this season?
a. Yes
b. No

3. Was the Mole "punished" during Akiko's Funhouse?
a. Yes
b. No

4. Complete This Sentence: During the Akiko's Funhouse challenge, the Mole was.....
a. Person A 
b. Person B
c. Person C
d. Person D
e. Person E
f. None of the Above

5. What was the Mole's punishment?
a. To be stuck inside a room with black cats that can scratch anything and bite you
b. To be stuck inside a room with the Zombie form of Cassi Country
c. To be stuck inside a room with trash on the floor
d. To listen Taylor Swift all night long with zero sleep
e. To be stuck inside a room with an ex-killer robot, a lunatic caveman, and a mummy
f. The Mole was not punished last night

6. Was the Mole a Truth Teller or a Liar?
a. Truth Teller
b. Liar
c. None of the Above

7. If the Mole was a liar, what was their lie?
a.  "I was forced to stay in a room where everything I could possibly use was tied to the ceiling. It was a very boring night and I couldn't do much but sit on the floor."
b. "I was trapped on a train by Akiko who was a murderer wearing a frog mask."
c. "I was trapped in a room with the most terrible artwork, thus I hated it all."
d. "I was stuck in a basement with nothing more than a bottle of wine and a vampire."
e. The Mole was not a liar during the mission

8. Has the Mole won a Head of Household competition yet?
a. Yes
b. No

9. Complete This Sentence: This week, the Mole is........
a. Head of Household
b. Nominated
c. None of the Above

10. Who is the Mole?
a. Bridgette
b. Brock
c. Holly
d. Kyle
e. Ollie
f. Stevan

11. This is a tie-breaker question. If this question is needed, the person with the furthest answer will get executed. By the time I am typing this, how many junk is there in my e-mail account?

Akiko: We are doing things differently during this execution. There is two rooms where the two nominees who are safe this week are in one room and the two nominees that aren't safe this week are in another. They received keys in which if their key unlocks the door to their room, they are safe. If not, they get executed. It's time to unlock the doors. The nominees who are safe are....

Akiko: Stevan and Bridgette!

Akiko: This means Kyle and Brock are executed this week.

Akiko: Usually, this is the part where the executed people talk about their time on the show but I don't really care about that part. Please leave the house using the cab.

*Stay tune for Episode 13*