Saturday, July 16, 2016

Sims Reality All-Stars Episode 13

Akiko: Hello there. In case you are asking why I am here right now is because the cameraman became a total idiot and forgot to hit the record button. Because of that, I thought I might tell who the Mole in exchange for that.

Cameraman: Wait, you can't actually do that.

Akiko: Yes I can. I am f****** host for crying out loud. I can do whatever I want. Besides, I want to break the mold and give some spoilers midway through the show. The Mole is ******. Wait, did you just censor me?

Jake: Yes! There is real life people playing on this season. You can't give away the Mole in front of those people.

Akiko: Ugh, seriously plum you Jake! Anyway, we only have footage of the mission so let's get on with it.

Akiko: Okay, the title of this mission is called "How Bad Do You Want It?" Like the title of the mission stated, we are going to test how bad that you want to win Head of Household. We are going to ask six questions about you doing some tasks/dares in which will test how bad you want it. The answer to those questions will either be Yes or No. If you want to state Yes, then just keep sitting down in your chair. If you want to state No, then stand up!

Once you state no to a question, you are out of the competition. Whoever stays in the competition the longest will win the final Head of Household competition and will be the only person not nominated by default. To make mission more miserable, every time somebody states Yes to a question, five points will be deducted from the point. Since this six questions, you have a chance to earn 30 points to the pot but only if you state No to the first question. And since there is four of you, this mission is wroth 120 points. Everybody got that?

The Contestants: Yes!

Akiko: Let's begin! Will you be willing to wear costume make-up until the finale? If not, please stand up!

Akiko: Everybody is sitting down so everybody stated Yes. Next question. If you are a male, will you be willing to wear a skirt until the finale? If you are a female, will you willing to wear a bald wig until the finale? If not, please stand up!

Akiko: Again, everybody is sitting down so the answer is yes! Next question-  Will you be willing to state this saying onto three random strangers on the street- When I was younger, I wanted to be a blueberry muffin when I grew-up? If not, please stand up. Please note that you are allowed to leave the house just for this task and failure for not completing this task will result in a force-elimination.

Akiko: Well, both Holly and Stevan are not willing to complete this task. Because of that, they are eliminated from the competition. Have sit over there. Next question- Will you be willing to state the phrase "I am the Mole" 100 times sometime before the next execution? If not, stand up. Failure for not completing this task will result in a force-elimination.

Akiko: You still staying? Okay! Next question- At the final three, you have a chance to earn a Mole's Dossier aka some info that may help you figure who the Mole is. Will you be willing to not have a chance to earn one? If not, please stand up!

Akiko: Okay! Final question- Will you be willing to have two points deducted from the final Mole quiz? If not, please stand up! Please note this could be the difference between winning and losing.

Akiko: Well, both of you have decided to not say Yes to the final question and since there can be only one Head of Household, we are moving to a tie-breaker round. The answer will be a number. Whoever comes closest to the correct answer will win.  How many drafted e-mails are there in Jake's e-mail account? 

Camerawoman: Who is Jake?

Akiko: Shut up! Just be glad that I fired the old cameraman. Anyway, I need some answers please.

Ollie: 5

Bridgette: 12

Akiko: The correct answer is...................


Akiko: Congrats Bridgette! Even though you and Ollie are way off, you won Head of Household. Anyway, I need all four contestants to go outside and put on some make-up and outfits they have to wear.

Ollie: I do not really like this bunny make-up along with the skirt.

Stevan: What happened to my apron? Did the killer took it?

Holly: Um, I believe there is some sort of thingy where you can't have an apron and the skirt at the same time.

Bridgette: Why?

Jake: Because f*** the programming in Create-A-Sim.

Akiko: Anyway, I need Ollie and Bridgette to leave the house right now to do one of their tasks. Before I go, I must state that 50 points were added to the pot since Stevan and Holly earned twenty points each to the pot and Ollie and Bridgette earned five points each to the pot. So, 20 + 20 + 5 + 5= 50. See you guys later!

*Find out what happens in the next episode*