Sunday, July 24, 2016

Violet Axel and Mouthbear

Violet Axel is a mysterious freelance programmer who is extremely shy and so she does not like to speak. She also hates being touched and she is afraid of swimming.. However, in the event where she does have to speak, she created an AI called Mouthbear and impacted inside a teddy bear. There, she will take out Mouthbear and have him speak for her. However, Mouthbear is a bit of a motormouth so he can talk very fast. Sometimes so fast that he's impossible to understand. However, since Mouthbear can get annoying to some people, Violet usually shuts him off after Mouthbear is done saying what needed to be said and puts him back into her inventory.

You need Late Night, Pets, and Supernatural for this creation. You also need this custom content-

The rest of the custom content should be transferable.

You can find this household in the Uploads column. Hope you have fun with this creation.

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