Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Sims Reality All-Stars Episode 15

Holly: I can't believe we are all in the final three. So, one thing I am curious about is the thing you miss the most and I am totally not stealing this conversation from Abnormality. For me, I miss having to be with my family in the farm.

Stevan: For me, I miss having to work at Starbucks and make sure they protect me from the killer. Even though they do not pay me a lot of money, they kept me safe.

Bridgette: You know, I personally miss watching YouTube videos the most. They are so entertaining. Anyway, when will Akiko show-up soon?

Akiko: Right now! Congrats you three making it to the final three. If I had a heart right now, I will be so glad of you all. Anyway, before we get to the final mission this mission. I have to do some "error-fixing" right now. We miscalculated some points and because of that, fourteen are added to the pot. Now, let's get started.

Akiko: Now, the mission for today is the "Words of the Final Three".

Your mission is simple. Your goal is to correctly spell as many words as possible with the letters from the names of the Final Three.

If you spell more then 12 words, you will add 33 points to the pot. Any words using letters not from the names of the final three will not count. There is one restriction though. The words must have three words or more. Any two-lettered words and any one-lettered words will not count.

Also, if a letter only appears once in those names, then you can't use that letter more then once in a single word. You can use in multiple words but not in a single words.

For example-


This will be allowed. However, this is not allowed-


There is only one S in the names and so seats will not count as one of the twelve words.

And just for the fairness, the word Seat and Seven will not count by the way as well as the names of the final three. I

Also, if Holly or Stevan score the highest, they will have the opportunity to earn the Mole's Dossier in which may help you figure out the Mole. But if Briddgette scores the highest, no Mole's Dossier will be rewarded due to the earlier mission. You can ultimately reject it in which 34 points will be added to the pot by doing so. And if Bridgette scores the highest, 34 points will be added regardless as Bridgette can not really have the Mole's Dossier.

So, this mission is worth 133 points as 33 points will be rewarded for spelling out 12 counted words and 34 points for not accepting the Mole's Dossier. 33 times 3 = 99 and 99 + 34= 133. For those aren't simple at math.

Akiko: Now I am passing....

Bridgette: My words are bridge, holy, save, gentle, lady....

Akiko: Bridgette!

Bridgette: ....heaven, stoat, never, lentil, east, vest, nasty....

Akiko: Can you please just......

Bridggete: ...rile, roll, vote, vents

Akiko: Really?

Bridgette: ...tally, total, yen, ivory, steed, and novelty.

Akiko: *Sighs* What I was about to state that I am going to pass out a piece of paper so that you can write answers in and not say them ******* out loud as people might copy off those words. Bridgette, you need to come up with a new set of words and none of these words are aloud.

Bridgette: Come on!

Akiko: If you were to just wait until I am done speaking, then we would not have this problem in the first ******* place. Make some new words. Anyway, once I pass out the paper, you will have all the time in the world to write them.

*After everybody turns in their words*

Akiko: Just for the record, I will state all three of you turn in at least three or more words so 99 points are added to the pot. Now, I will announce who gets the Mole's Dossier. That person is...

Akiko: Stevan with 326 words. Please note that Bridgette has 20 words and Holly has 12 words.

Akiko: Now, Stevan, you have a choice between earning 34 points to the pot or earning the Mole's Dossier. Which one do you want to have?

Stevan: Do you mean the Killer's Dossier? Anyway, despite all of my work trying to figure out who the killer is, I can not seem to figure who they are yet so I am picking the dosier.

Akiko: Well, that settles it. 99 points has been added to the pot and Stevan has received the Mole's Dossier. I would end things but I have to do a bonus mission right now.

I have contacted the five contestants this season who have been execiyed for two reasons. The first reason is so that if there was a tie in the final mole quiz, I had them rank the final three to see who wins and the second reason is to have their opinions on this season. Now it is up to you guys to figure what they said-

For each question, one of the executed will state an incomplete statement and it is up to you guys to figure what the statement would be.


If Bob was a name of an executed player, I would ask him to complete this statement-

The person I would not trust for my life after this game would be.....

He eventually answers with Alice. Then, at the final three, this question will be asked.

Bob stated "the person I would not trust for my life after would be....."
a. Alice
b. Belle

If the group answers Alice, twenty six points will be added to the pot. If the group answers Belle, then zero points will be added for that question.

Since there is five executed players and twenty six points you can earn for this mission, this mission is worth 130 points (26 × 5 = 130).

Okay the questions are this

1. Leoni stated "Other than not knowing who the Mole was, my biggest mistake in the game was......"
a. Not making many alliances
b. Nominating the wrong people

2. Autumn stated "My favorite mission that I completed in was........."
a. The Dollar Challenge
b. The Sim Maker Challenge

3. Kyle stated "If there was a gun stuck to my head and I have to choose which punishment from the Akiko's Funhouse mission other then my own, I would choose....."
a. Brock's Punishment
b. Bridgette's Punishment

4. Brock stated "The most surprising thing that has happened in the game was..."
a. Akiko not being arrested yet
b. Sara not kicking Akiko's plum out yet

5. Ollie stated "The person I want to go further in the game was...."
a. Kyle
b. Leoni

Please note that these are supposed to be done as a group. Now, discuss.

Bridgette: Okay, my answers are A, B. B, A, and A. What do you guys think?

Stevan: I can agree to most of your answers. However, I disagree with your answer to Numher Five as if you don't include Thalia, Leoni was basically the first victim of the killer. So, I guess Holly will break the tie.

Holly: Honestly I agree with Stevan. So I am going to say Leoni for the final question.

Akiko: Had you guys gone with Kyle as your final answer, you guys would of earned 130 points to the pot. However, since you didn't, 104 points is added to the pot. 

So, right now, the pot looks like this.....

The Winner's Pot: 469 points

The Mole's Pot: 431 points

If Bridgette is the Mole, then the Final Pot will be this-

The Winner's Pot: 509 points

The Mole's Pot: 491 points

If Stevan is the Mole, then the Final Pot will be this-

The Winner's Pot: 529 points

The Mole's Pot: 471 points

If Holly is the Mole, then the Final Pot will be this-

The Winner's Pot: 499

The Mole's Pot: 501

So because I have nothing else to say, I am going to go now. Stay tuned for the finale everybody!

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