Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Sims Reality All-Stars Finale Part One

Cassi: Hello. My name is Cassi Country and I am the winner of Sims Reality All-Stars Season One.

KT: And my name is KT and I am the runner-up of Sims Reality All-Stars Season One.

KT and Cassi: And we are here to host the season two finale of Sims Reality All-Stars.

Cassi: Akiko didn't want to come tonight because she believes that the less work she wants to get done, the better for her.

Cassi: Anyway, the final three all took the Final Mole Quiz a while ago and tonight, we will find out the results of the quiz. As usual, they are locked inside a room where they will eventually be given keys to attempt to unlock their doors. However, only one person will receive a key that will actually unlocked their doors. That person is the winner. And afterwords, since the winner knows who the Mole is, they will unlock the Mole's door revealing their identity to the entire world.

KT: But first, it has been nine months since the show finished filming. Because of that, it is time to bring out all seven eliminated players this season. We will start with......

KT: Thalia! Please note that she stated she lost her former wear outfit so we have to give her a new one. How are you doing Thalia?

Thalia: I am doing well, KT-san since I am glad that Nakono-san is not here. I am still upset over her force-eliminating me from the game.

Cassi: Well, let's move on to our next contestant. Here, we have....

Cassi: Leoni! How are you doing that?

Leoni: I'm doing well though I wish I could be there at the final three.

Cassi: Well, if that were to happen, it would make you as happy as a puppy with two peters.

KT: Anyway, let's move to.......

KT: Crook who I could not recognize at first since he wasn't wearing a pirate uniform.

Crook: Ahoy! production told me that I had t' put on me formal wear if I wanted t' be part o' this show. Had they not told me that, I would o' worn me usual pirate outfit. Also thanks for baillin' me out o' jail.

Cassi: No problemo! Well, anyway, next we have.......

Cassi: Autumn or one of her multiple personalities.

Autumn: Just Autumn tonight. I am going to try my best to control my other personalities tonight.

KT: Well, let's move on to......

KT: Brook! How are you?

Brook: I am doing well since my lovely wife is here! Thanks for asking!

Cassi: Anyway, next we have.....

Cassi: Kyle!

Kyle: Hey guys! Thank goodness we are not sitting in the audience like that awful Survivor: Caramoan reunion.

KT: Yeah, I am kinda glad Jeff Probst didn't ask to come to the reunion and not give my favorite contestant 100,00 dollars like Sia in the Kaoh Rong reunion. I would of been better off giving Joe 100,000 in the Cambodia reunion. No offense to anybody Anyway, last but not least,.....

KT: Ollie!

Ollie: Hello everybody! I hope that Holly wins. That way, we can find someway to go into the future again.

Cassi: It seems everybody is here, y'all!

KT: Yes. Before we reveal the Mole tonight, I will like to ask a question to the eliminated players this season. Why do you think is the Mole? Given this is the last couple of moments before everybody can find out who the Mole is, I feel this is very appropriate. Let's start with Thalia who was the first person to leave this show and end with Ollie who was the most recent person to leave this show.

Thalia: I think Stevan-kun is the Mole.

Leoni: I actually think the Mole is Bridgette.

Crook: I think Stevan be t' Mole.

Autumn: Holly has to be the Mole.

Brock: I agree with Leoni as I also think Bridgette is the Mole.

Kyle: The Mole has to be Holly.

Ollie: I personally disagree with Kyle as I think Bridgette is the Mole.

Cassi: Well, we could find out who the Mole is now but first, let's take a look back at the last day back at the Sims Reality All-Stars house.

Akiko: Well, since this is your last day here, I want to ask you guys the thing that you will miss the most in this house. Technically, I have to ask that but I don't exactly want to. You get the deal.

Stevan: All seven people who died in this house.

Holly: Spending time with Ollie

Bridgette: All the memories that came from this house.

Akiko: Well, I can't say what I miss the most but I can say what I miss the least which is the relationship between Thalia and Brock. While Thalia reminds me of false Japanese stereotypes, I find love to be overrated and we don't need a showmance to increase the ratings of an All-Star season. Anyway, the Final Mole Quiz is outside in the backyard. Good luck!

Cassi (via voiceover): This is the Final Mole Quiz. In the final mole quiz, there is twenty questions about the Mole's identity.

KT (via voiceover): Whoever scores the highest score will win. If there is a tie, then we will go to a tie-breaker round in which the jury will vote on the winner.

1. Is the Mole male or female?
a. Male
b. Female

2. What show(s) did the Mole came from?
a. Abnormality and Taiha's Mini-Mole?
b. The Locomotive
c. Romeo and Juilet

3. In the cast photo, the Mole was...
a. Sitting on the floor
b. Standing up

4. According the conversation in Episode 15, what does the Mole miss the most?
a. Being With Their Family At The Farm
b. Being Safe From The "Killer" At Starbucks
c. Watching YouTube Videos

5. From Akiko's left to right, what order was sitting at during both missions of Episode 15?
a. 1st
b. 2nd
c. 3rd

Bridgette (via voice over): I have been suspecting Stevan for a while now. Sure, he might be a bit crazy due to everything he was put through but there is a possible chance he may faking it. I mean Rachel from the Mole Season Four pretended to be a fake fainter just to get people to suspect her less. Could that the same thing?

As for Holly, there is always a possible chance that she could be the Mole as well. I mean she did have a good social game and flew under the radar for the first two weeks. Points ended up being added to the pot if the Mole was nominated. Could she be trying her best to not get nominated for that reason? Plus, she brought up the aspect of her and Ollie being family right before Ollie won his Head of Household competition. If she was the Mole, she could just know that Ollie was Person E and decides to pick Ollie to win Head of Household just for her to be safe that week.

6. How many words did the Mole came-up with in the Words of the Final Three mission?
a. 326
b. 20
c. 12

7. Did the Mole earn the Mole's Dossier?
a. Yes
b. No

8. What the Mole's answer for the fifth question of the bonus mission?
a. Kyle/Tiger
b. Alleen/Leoni

9. Did the Mole break the tie for that fifth question?
a. Yes
b. No

10. If you include the points for every time the Mole is nominated, how points are in both pots right now?
a. The Winner's Pot: 509 points

The Mole's Pot: 491 points
b. The Winner's Pot: 529 points

The Mole's Pot: 471 points
c. The Winner's Pot: 499

The Mole's Pot: 501

Holly (via voiceover): Bridgette has done plenty of sabotages in the past. For example, she ended up receiving 21 dollars in the "It's All About The Money" in which she became the only person to go over 20 dollars. She could have some "Wine In Front Of Me" thing and give a dollar to herself just for her to go over 20 dollars. Plus, she ended up saying Yes to five questions in the "How Bad Do You Want It?" mission. It could just be a way for her to sabotage the game instead of a way for her to guarantee her safety.

As for Stevan, he used to be a film director so he knows quite a bit of acting. Could he just be acting as some sort of lunatic who believes there was a killer out there? If that were to be the case, then he could been of the Mole since he could of been doing that to prevent us from suspecting him if that was the case. Just like Bridgette, Stevan has done plenty of sabotages himself.

11. Who is the Mole's partner in the "More or Less" mission?
a. Crook
b. Brock
c. Thalia

12. From the view point of the empty chair in the dining hall, where was the Mole sitting at during the "Betting On Brains, Brawn, and Beauty" mission?
a. To left of it
b. To the right of it
c. Right in front of it

13. How many dollars did the Mole received in the "It's Not About The Money" mission?
a. Twenty-Six Dollars
b. One Dollar
c. Thirteen Dollars

14. Complete This Sentence: During the "Build-A-Sim" Workshop, The Mole was supposed to help with the...
a. Gender, Age Group, Skin Tone, Occult type, Eye color, Hair Color,  Hairstyle, Eyebrows, Clothing, and Make-up
b. Face, Ears, Eye shape, Mouth, Nose, Weight, Muscle Tone, Muscle Definement, and Breast Size
c. Nothing as they were not a sim maker during that mission.

15. During the Akiko's Funhouse mission, the mole was which person?
a. Person A
b. Person B
c. None of the Above

Stevan (via voiceover): There are plenty of reasons to make a case for why Holly or Bridgette is the killer. Like isn't the killer supposed to get points into their pot whenever they are not nominated? Now that I think about it, they are kinda a mercenary. Anyway, Holly has not been nominated until the Final Four. Could she be trying her hardest not to get nominate just her to have more points into the Mole's pot?

Also, the only time Bridgette won Head of Household was the one in the Final Four. When people usually win Head of Household, they have to put blood on their hands. Not the literal kind by the way. When you have blood on your hands, you are more then likely to get nominated. Could she be trying to get as little blood on her hands as possible?

16. After the events of the "How Bad Do You Want It? mission, what bottomwear did the Mole wear?
a. A Dress
b. A Pair of Pants
c. A Skirt

17. Complete This Sentence: The Mole was nominated when....
a. Bridgette and Ollie won Head of Household
b. Bridgette won Head of Household
c. Brock and Ollie won head of Household

18. If the Mole was Head of Household, name the episode when the Mole actually won Head of Household.
a. Episode Eight
b. Episode Thirteen
c. The Mole never won Head of Household

19. Has the Mole competed in Season One of Sims Reality All-Stars in the real life portion of the game before?
a. Yes
b. No

20. Who is the Mole?
a. Bridgette
b. Holly
c. Ollie

KT: I am sliding down the keys to your doors right now. Once I state to unlock your door, then you will do so. It is time to reveal who won this show soon.

*After KT hands out the keys*

KT: Okay, everybody, now is the time to open your doors. The winner of this season is........


Cassi: How are y'all feeling right now?

Holly: I hope this is not like some Steve Harvey Miss Universe incident.

Cassi: Heck no it isn't. Anyway, you know who the Mole is. I feel like you should be the one to unlock their door. Here is the key to their room.

Holly: Thank you!

Holly: Okay the Mole for this season is.......

Holly: Stevan Hollywood!

Stevan: Yep guys, I am the Mole. I'm not a killer but I am the Mole. You may find hard to believe but there are some things to reveal if we are going talk about my game play tonight/

Cassi: That we will do after a commercial break in which we release a Part Two where we talk about the Mole's gameplay, how Holly went on to win, and a lot more things to come. Now, please play an imaginary commercial break inside your head.

Kyle: Imaginary commercial break? What the heck?