Thursday, August 18, 2016

Sims Reality All-Stars Finale Part Two

KT: Well, recently, we just crowned the winner of this season which is Holly and it was revealed that Stevan was the Mole.

Cassi: Just some interesting trivia for y'all. Holly and Bridgette both got a score of 17 on the final mole quiz. Because of that, we moved on to the jury for the tie-breaker round.

KT: In actuality, the jury all wanted Stevan to win. However, since Stevan was the Mole, he was unable to win so we went with their second preference for the winner of this season. Three people had Holly as their second preference to win and two people had Bridgette as their second preference to win.

Cassi: Also, we want to officially announce that Holly has won 529 points which is more then 471 points Stevan has won. Because of that, she has a key to the Grand All-Star house. Also, even though Bridgette lost, she still won a key to the Grand All-Star house for being the runner-up of the season.

KT: Now let's take a look at Stevan's game play for a bit.

Cassi: You may think to yourself about how does somebody like Stevan turns out to be the Mole? I mean there is many moments where you may think Stevan can't be the Mole.

Stevan:  You're a pirate and pirates are criminals who loot, steal, and kill. You are going to kill all eight us here.

Holly: Steven? What are you doing?!
Bridgette: Yeah, there's a mess in the living room and you have been in the fridge for a very long time.
Steven: Looking for clues.
Holly: What sort of clues? Clues to the identity of the Mole?
Steven: Mole? What Mole? I'm looking for clues to the identity of the killer. 

Stevan: If he were to nominate his own family member, then he is more likely to be a killer. A killer that will kill their own family that is.

KT: However, one thing that is worth noting is that Stevan used to work with professional actors in the past so he knows a bit of acting skills himself. We will like to present this diary room entry that has been never been seen before.

Stevan: It seems like I am doing a good job so far at being the Mole. I know a few acting skills and I want to put-on an act of me being some crazy person accusing people of being a killer and that there is no Mole that season and there is a killer instead. I also pretended that I thought the contestants are actually dying this season. That way people will be like there is zero way he could be the Mole then.

Cassi: As this game goes on, Stevan's strategy  ended up working causing many people to doubt Stevan being the Mole. If you don't believe me, watch this never-before-seen footage.

Crook: So, Leoni, who do you think is t' Mole?

Leoni: Well, I don't think the Mole is Stevan.

Akiko: ...Leoni, it's your time to go!

Autumn: Time for me to think who the Mole is. Well, I am going to rule out Stevan for that matter.

Akiko:  ....Autumn, you are eliminated from the game. 

Bridgette: Ollie, how do you feel about Stevan being the Mole?

Ollie: I find it very hard to believe.

Akiko: ....Ollie has been executed!

KT: Stevan has also done plenty of sabotages in the past where he could come up good excuses to sabotage the pot.

KT: For example, to add 34 points into his pot and having him come up with an excuse into doing it, all that he has to do is just accept one thing.

Stevan: Anyway, despite all of my work trying to figure out who the killer is, I can not seem to figure who they are yet so I am picking the dosier.

Cassi: What could appear as him trying to do his best to figure out the Mole is actually him trying to earn 34 points into the pot.

Cassi: Another example of him doing this happens in the Dollars mission where he purposely gave himself nine dollars. He wants to try his hardest to go over twenty dollars but he could just come back with an excuse stating that he wants to win Head of Household that badly.

KT: And one more example of him doing this is him telling Holly he was trapped inside a train with Akiko wearing a frog's mask during the "Akiko's Funhouse" mission. In actuality, he was trapped inside a room with a Zombified version of Cassi. He lie that he told can be very believable and he could just state that he wanted to win Head of Household that badly as well.

Cassi: All in all, despite him not being able to earn more points then the winner did, he did have pretty successful run as the Mole. 

KT: Now let's move on to the winner's gameplay.

Cassi: Y'all know the saying the older you get the wiser you become? That saying could go for Holly.

KT: First of all, she manages to lay low during the first two weeks and not get nominated.

Cassi: While she was one of the three winners of Romeo and Juilet Season Three, it was not really a strategic show and thus didn't become a threat because of that. On the other hand, Crook did win a strategic show and became a massive threat thus making him a Week One nominee.

KT: She was also not part of an obvious showmance and since showmances are often alliances, Thalia and Brook found themselves on the block during that same week. Just like me and Ryan in that Big Brother simulator.

Cassi: What?

KT: Nothing!

Cassi: She continues to lay low in the second week as well making Brock not nominate her.

KT: Instead Brock went on to nominate Leoni (who was a threat due to her winning the first Head of Household competition), Crook (who was a threat since he knows at least one person to not be the Mole), and Bridgette (who played in Taiha's Mini-Mole thus she had experience with tracking down Moles).

Cassi: Speaking of Bridgette, she was forced into a position to figure out the Mole's identity during the second week. There, she realized that Stevan was the Mole.

KT: Later, all three girls who were still in the game at the point formed an alliance. Bridgette ended up telling them who she thinks is the Mole.

Cassi: While Bridgette was right about it, Autumn didn't believe her thus it lead to her downfall in the game.

KT: On the other hand, Holly did went on to believe her.

KT: Because of that, it landed her a spot in the final three.

Cassi: In addition to that, once Autumn left the game and Ollie took her place in the alliance, Bridgette and Holly try to tell Ollie the same thing.

KT: However, much like Autumn, he didn't believe them and it lead him to his downfall in the game as well.

Cassi: Also, it's worth noting Holly managed to fool some people into thinking she was the Mole.

KT: One of those people happens to be Brock. In fact, he was so confident that Holly was the Mole he went on to score a zero during his last Mole quiz.

Cassi: So, in a way, Holly was indirectly responsible for Brock's downfall in the game.

KT: Another cool thing about Holly's game is that......

?????: Can you guys stop this speech and get to some important stuff?

Bridgette: Wait, kid, who are you and why are you here?

?????: My name is Ryan Nakono aka the adopted son of Akiko Nakono.

Leoni: Wait, Akiko had a son?

Ryan: Yes! Didn't she tell you guys in the first episode?

*Back at Episode One*

Akiko: Just for the record, I'm only doing this for the money as me and my son Ryan want some more money and I don't really care what happens to you guys.

Ryan: Anyway, Brock, did you remember what you stated about my mother that her not getting arrested was the most surprising thing that has happened in this season?

Brock: Um, yes!

Ryan: Well, after you said that, the police actually came and arrest Akiko. So, because of your comment, you separated me from my mother and I was moved back to my foster home. So, because of that, I am going to get my revenge on you for what you did by killing your wife.

Thalia: What?

Ryan: Brock needs to know how it feels to lose somebody you love. So, hasta la vista, baby!

Thalia: Oh god, I literally am on fire right now.

Leoni: Guys, we need to put out this fire quickly.

Kyle: I am going call 911 soon.

Crook: Let's get out o' here as soon as possible.

Ollie: But we need to save Thalia first.

*Autumn turns into Judy*

"Judy:" I can't let Thalia die like this.

Bridgette: What are we going to do?


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