Monday, August 29, 2016

Sims Reality All-Stars House Tour

Cameraman: Well, this is the house tour. We are currently deciding on a host right now so it is just me to do the house tour.

Cameraman: Well, here is the house entrance. This is where every eliminated player will talk to the host about their game and such.

Cameraman: This is the living room where all of the weekly evictions and Power of Veto ceremonies will take place here.

Cameraman: This one of the staircases in the house but we are not ready to go to the other floors yet.

Camerman: The room inside that door is for the Head of Household in which since the Head of Household room is going to be remade for every Head of Household every week, we can't show you that room.

Cameraman: Inside this door is the.......

Cameraman: Diary Room! You all should know what a diary room is so I am not going to explain.

Cameraman: Let's go down this hallway. As you can see, there is a plant. Production wanted to put that plant inside the house for special reasons involving a house guest this season.

Cameraman: We have another staircase. Let's go to the second floor.

Cameraman: Here is the second floor. Let's go inside that room.

Cameraman: This is the kitchen. Blah! Blah! Blah!

Cameraman: Let's go down this hallway to see the next room.

Cameraman: This room is sorta like another living room but it has a television where you can watch certain movies and play video games. However, you are unable to watch television shows here. Also, that door leads to the backyard where weekly competitions are held. It's only unlocked when we are hosting a competition but since we are not, let's move to the third floor.

Cameraman: This is the third floor. Here is the dining table where the nominations ceremony gets held at every week.

Cameraman: Now there is nothing noteworthy of interest in the fourth floor. So, let's move on.

Cameraman: This is the fifth floor. As you can see, it is kinda a recreational room that has games, a hot tub, a pool, and some musical instruments.

Cameraman: We are jumping ahead to the fourth basement floor where the only bathroom other then the bathroom the Head of Household has is located here. There is no showers in the bathroom. Just bathes!

Cameraman: Also, in the bathroom, there is two doors. The door on the left leads to the Room of Exile. Every week, the Head of Household will pick one person from their team to be sent this room. That room is a room you won't exactly like enjoying to say the least and you will be there from until the Power of Veto ceremony meaning that you will not be able to participate in the Power of Veto competition. However, you will get a clue to the hidden immunity idol. The door on the right leads to the.....

Cameraman: Library! Not much explaining to be done here so let's move on to the bedrooms.

Cameraman: We created three bedrooms each with four beds in them. The bedrooms are themed after notable Sims neighborhoods in case we miss their home life. This bedroom is themed after Appaloosa Plains.

Cameraman: This room is themed after Al Simhara.

Cameraman: And this room is themed after Bridgeport. Now, we are done. Hope to see you all at the season premiere.