Sunday, September 11, 2016

Sims Reality All-Stars Season 3 Episode 1

Ani: So many reality shows have been a part of the Sims franchise. These shows include No Privacy, The Mole, Simvivor, and the Locomotive. For this show, we are gathering around eight people from previous reality shows back to play for this season. These all-stars may be looking for a second chance. Some of them may want to redeem themselves. Some of them may just want to have two wins under their belt. Whatever reason they are here, they are here to play a game.

This game will last for three months and nobody is allowed to leave the house until they get evicted. As you can tell, this is mostly a Big Brother-like setting. However, there will be some Survivor elements to it.

Let me take the time to introduce myself. I am Ani Shallow and I am the host for tonight. I used to be a rich girl who recently lost her money. I miss all of the things that I did with my money. The glitz, the glamour, the gin, the music...the gin. So, I came to this show to gain back that stuff.

Ani: And here is our eight All-Stars for this season.

Taz: Just eight? This seems like too small of a number.

Cizika: Yeah, I was expecting more of a challenge.

Ani: Well, there is more contestants this season but they aren't exactly All-Stars. Time for our first twist! Come on out!

Nahita: Wait, who are they?

Fungi: Never saw them in a reality show before.

Ani: Well, first for the time in Sims Reality All-Stars, we are bringing in four new players. These people are huge fans of reality shows but they never got a chance to play on one before. Let me state that the vampire chick goes by the name Jelly, the girl with the nyan cat t-shirt is named Paige, the guy wearing the sweater is named Max, and the other guy is named Zander. To give them a head start against people who already have in a reality show before, we will have them pick their rooms first. However, just for a warning, there must at least one new person in every room.

Ani: Now, since the new people picked their rooms......

Brad: I want the Al Simhara room!

Carlito: Bridgeport room please!

Ani: Wait your ****** turn. And how did you guys know about the rooms by the way? Anyway, before we move on to the next group of people who are picking their rooms, it is time for another twist. We are doing some sort of Cliques twist from Big Brother but instead of cliques, we are doing teams. Two of those teams are based upon their past repetition with four All-Star players being placed as "Good Guys" (aka Heroes) and four other All-Star players being placed as "Bad Guys" (aka Villains). For example, if we are doing this twist using past Sims Reality All-Stars contestants, then people like KT and Holly would be placed as Good Guys and people like Cassandra and Stevan would be placed as Bad Guys (even though the latter is more of an anti-villain then a truly villainous person). The other team is "New Guys" in which it is for players who has never played in any reality show prior to this show. If your team ended up having the Head of Household that week, then you will be immune that week. I will state since bad guys mostly get punished one way or another, then the bad guys will be punished here by having to pick their rooms last meaning the good guys will pick their rooms next and just like the new people, there must be at least one good guy per room. The good guys for this season are.....

Ani: Brad!

Ani: Nahita!

Ani: Fungi!

Ani: And Taz!

Ani: Now, any of you guys are surprised that you are a bad guy?

Levi: I am! I'm kinda a happy-go-lucky person.

Ani: But what happens when you don't take your medicine?

Levi: ... Good point!

Ani: Personally, I fit in right with you. I have the ability to control animals. However, I have not been using it lately as I used my ability to kill people. The faces that they make before they died enjoys me. However, some person realized it and used magic to not make me kill people. I mean when I kill people, I am able to have all the money and riches they have but now I can't.

Everybody ....

Blanche: What the heck are you, woman? You better not kill me nor steal my precious money.

Ani: I can't kill you and if I was able to steal your money, I've would of already done so. Anyway, you guys may be able to come inside the house and pick your rooms.

Levi: Well, based upon what I recalled, me, Nahita, Taz, and Paige all have the Appaloosa Plains room. Max, Jelly, Fungi, and Cizika all have the Al Simhara room. The other people have the Bridgeport room.

Max: Hey Brad, why aren't you sleeping in the same room as your girlfriend?

Brad: Because I was screwed by the "at least one good guy for every bedroom" rule and since Nahita and Taz already picked the Appaloosa Plains room, I was left with no choice but to live in a different bedroom from Fungi.

Jelly: Well, I feel execited that I got the Al Simhara room!!! That is freaking fantastic!!! I'm so pumped now. 

Paige: Well, we know about two twists today about the teams and the new people. Are we going learn about a new twist?

Zander: Maybe there's a thirteenth contestant?

Jelly: If that was the case, I really hope that Beau Smart isn't one of the contestants, I think everybody hated him. I wouldn't say I hate him, but his absence would be better for the atmosphere here *laughs*. Okay, sorry for that. Normally I'm not that nasty to others."

Cizika: You do realize nobody likes that baboon and that even the foolish of the fools mock his existence.

Blanche: Though you have zero idea what it is like to live that imbecile. I can't believe he has a freaking girlfriend.

Taz: But I heard rumors though that Sara may be breaking up with Beau as she wants to stay away from any sim that was based upon somebody that was created by two brothers who attempted to trademarked the word react despite her being a sim that was based upon somebody that was created by two brothers who attempted to trademarked the word react.

Carlito: Anyway, can we get introductions? I have yet to meet the new people and I am not entirely familiar with sims that came from the Sims 3 to be honest. I guess I will go first and we will go clockwise in terms of introductions.

 Carlito: Greetings... Uh... Fellow All Stars?... You see, I find this term sort of redundant when referring to you all... Clearly the only all star is-


Carlito: *notices Nahita* Nahita! Fancy seeing you here! It's nice to be doing battle with you again!... *clears throat*

 Carlito: Like I was saying. Everyone knows who I am. I am the ONLY winner here and everyone knows my track record, so you all should not be shocked to understand that I am going to keep it that way. Carlito Mendez is a name synonymous with victory and I assure you... I'm here to win. Again... Watch your backs.

Taz: Hi everyone! I'm really excited to be here, my last show was The Mole- Season 4 and I had so many good memories while doing it... I also have some tragic ones but I don't want to remind myself of those. I used to work in a coffee shop but since The Mole I have wrote my own book called 'Carnival', I'm hoping to write another but for now I'm happy with just the one. I've watched All Stars since the first season and I'm ready to play the game! Good luck everyone, hopefully we can have a lot of fun with this.

Blanche:  "Hello, you pathetic little leeches. My first reality television stint was hellish and this one promises no different. If not for my enormous returning-player stipend, I can most certainly assure you that I would not be participating. I was the rightful winner of the Sims 3 Mole Season 4 and I will not let this crown be snatched from me too. You wretched creatures need to stop blathering on and hand me to cash prize immediately."

Jelly: Hey there housemates, my name is Jelena Anastasia Petrova, but please call me either Jelly or Ani, both is fine. I'm 39 Years old, yeah, I know I look much younger but I look so young because I'm a vampire. I'm from Appaloosa Plains and live there with my husband Zhan, my two children Jade and Alexei, Zhans gay brother Shen and his husband and my horse Dimitri. I am a professional jockey and went to many different countries and competitions with Dimitri, but now I want to slow down a little because Alexei wants to go after my footsteps. My Husband and his brother are from Shang Simla and we are there like every weekend *laughs*. I love travelling a lot, especially to Shang Simla, which is like my second home. I'm also the big master of Sim Fu and have my own DoJo in both Shang Simla and Appaloosa Plains. My main reason why I'm here is to show that not all vampires are bloodsuckers and violent creatures. There are still some harsh prejudices about us vampires, for some vampires it might be true but not every vampire is the same. Also I am here for the thrill, so I hope you aren't bothered that I'm an early bird *laughs*. And of course I hope we have a good time together.

Jelly:  I'm curious how the others will react to my age. I strongly hope that they don't think I'm a plastic surgery addict. Its all natural.

Nahita: “My turn? Sweet!” She stops for a moment to squeal in excitement. “Ok, so sorry. I’m just glad I’m here! So, my name is Nahita Na. I’m just finished on the show Abnormality Season 4. I didn’t win, which is a bit of a bummer, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I had fun and met so many fun and cool new people. Technically, I’m a flight attendant and love seeing the world and meeting all sorts of people. Of course, I haven’t worked in over a month now. Hopefully, I’ll still have it when I get back.” She laughs. “Oh, and I’m 22, almost 23."

Nahita: "Oooh, cute shirt!” She points to Jelly. “Love the bracelet. And I love getting to know people…I think I already said that though. Those shoes are fab!” She points to another person’s feet in which the camera failed to pick who's feet she was pointing to. “Oh, sorry…time’s almost up. I love shopping, playing games, spending time with others, walks, and just about anything as long as I can be with people. Life is too short not to waste a single second. So, let’s party!”

Fungi: "Peace and Love my groovy enlightened ones, I'm so stoked to be playing with such like minded people. Us good guys gotta teach those bad guys to make Peace not War."

*Leif the Plant rustles*

Fungi: "Okay bro, I'll tell them. Hey guys, Leif just got back from an important mission in Alaska so I've been teaching him how to play "Sims Reality All-Stars". Be nice to him, He's a total noob to all this reality show stuffs. Me on the other hand, I'm a huge fan! When i got asked to compete i was so excited that i went and planted 300 pine trees! 

Hey guys did you know that the world's tallest-growing tree is the coast redwood? Ain't that cool?! I know millions of tree facts, Go ahead ask me anything. I love Trees! But not as much as i love mushrooms, Mushrooms are cool."

Brad: Hi guys! My name is Brad. I came from AYTO in which that was the show where I met my lovely girlfriend named Fungi. I guess we are going to be the showmance of the season. I hope I am able to get along with everybody here.

Levi: Hi! I'm Levi! I'm a happy-go-lucky person and I can't wait to play with you guys! I'm soooo excited! But, just a warning, I get a little crabby if I forget to take my meds. Don't take anything I say at those times personally.

The figure of woman stands silent and aloof, seemingly unfazed by the vicinity's attractions. Her eyes lift slowly, deliberately, and she sighs softly, establishing immediate attention.

"I.. Am.. Cizika.. Vixen." Her voice is low, her accent unrecognizable, "There is nothing. You are nothing. Time will pass, as will lives. Perhaps even yours. Your blood whispers to me, sharing it's secrets in deepest essence. I see you all. Foolish souls with synthetic spirit. Pathetic, and meaningless. You are nothing. Power by will of honour, strength by will of weakness. Death by will of another. I am Cizika. I am dark as dreams; Cold as night. I wish no harm upon you, if you do not upon yourself. Spirit, strength, and mind. The chips will fall as fate decrees, and I wish you all the best."

Zander: Uh, hey. I'm Zander. I live in Bridgeport where I'm a barista at this little coffee shop. After the show, I'd like to go to Sims University and get a degree in Communications. Glad I got an opportunity to be here with all of you. Also, Brad, can you please tell that ninja kid to not grow an obsession over nominating people named Zander?


 Hi everyone! I'm Maxwell Matias Singh! But, you can call me Max. My little sister Marilyn signed me up for this show behind my back, and now I'm here! Oh, speaking of my family, they're all watching! Hi Mom! Hi Dad! Hi Aunt Delilah! Hi Uncle Paulo! Hi Dawn! Hi Marilyn! Hi Gilberto! Hi Tera! We're quite a big family. My twin sister, Dawn is a really good role-model, she taught me how to dress properly! Oops, that's sort of silly. Anyways, it's so cool to play with all these veterans. I saw all of you guys on TV! It'll be great to know all of you! Oh! And if any of you are skilled at baking, my favorite flavor of cake is German chocolate with coconut icing!

Ani (via intercom): Everybody, it is time to go to the backyard to begin the first Head of Household competition.

Ani: For this competition, you will be randomly pair up into duos. You will ask be asked a series of This or That questions. For each time, a duo answers the same, you will earn a point. The duo with the highest number of points will move on to the tie-breaker round. The person who answers the tie-breaker round question will win Head of Household. Everybody got that?

Everybody: Yes!

Ani: As you can tell, the duos are-

Paige and Max
Jelly and Fungi
Zander and Blanche
Brad and Nahita
Taz and Levi
Carlito and Cizika

Now, let's move on to the first question. Question 1- Batman or Superman: If you prefer Batman, stay seated. If you prefer Superman, stand up!

Ani: It seems Taz, Levi, Cizika, Carlito, Ani, and Fungi all prefer Batman so those duos get a point. However, the other duos have conflicting answers so no points for them. Let's move on!

*At the end of the competition*

Ani: Well, I will state that Blanche, and Zander both have six answers in common with their partner. Paige, Max, Nahita, Brad, Levi, and Taz all have seven answers in common with their partner. Carlito, Cizika, Fungi, and Jelly all have ten answers in common with their partner. Because of the four-way tie, we are moving on to a tie-breaker round. The answer will be a number, The person who comes closest to the correct answer will win. At the time the person who was making this was typing the questions, they were listening to a song. How many seconds does the song have? Answers please!

Cizika: 156 seconds!

Jelly: 220!

Carlito: 186!

Fungi: 213 seconds!

Ani: The correct answers is....

Ani: 201 seconds!

Ani: Congrats Fungi! You won Head of Household! Any thoughts?

Fungi: I am so glad that I get to be safe but I have to nominate two people in which one of them has to go this week. I don't want to lose anybody yet. Oh, just for curiosity, what was the song by the way?

Ani: I will play the song as you guys go to the living room again.

*The song above plays as the contestants go back to the living room*

Ani: Well, the good guys win this round. Fungi won the Head of Household for this week and that means Brad, Taz, and Nahita can not be evicted this week.

Nahita: Yes! I can't be the first boot this season.

Ani: Before we end the episode, I need to announce another silly twist.

Paige: Another twist! I knew it!

Ani: There is also one more way you can be immune and that is through the hidden immunity idol. The hidden immunity idol can be used after the Head of Household has officially decided on their nominees but before they officially announced it. If you use a hidden immunity idol on one of the nominees, then you can officially choose a nominee to take their place. If they are not nominated, they will be immune from being a replacement nominee after the Power of Veto is possibly played but you aren't able to nominate somebody else. You may it around the Power of Veto ceremony as well if the Power of Veto.

They hidden somewhere inside the house and those idols are not going to be hidden easily. However, if you want to have a clue onto how to find them, you need to go into the Room of Exile. Every week the Head of Household will send somebody from the same team to the Room of Exile around the same time of the nominations ceremony. There will be exiled from the rest of the house up until the Power of Veto ceremony (in which they can't actually play in the Power of Veto because of that) but they will received a clue to the hidden immunity idol.

Zander: Man, now I want to have a hidden immunity idol.

Max: Can you guys give us a clue?

Ani: Nope! Fungi, by the nominations ceremony, you must pick somebody to go into the Room of Exile. Pick wisely! Bye everybody!


Ani: Question #5- Programming or gaming? If you prefer programming, stay seated. If you prefer gaming, stand up!

Ani: Just as I expected, everybody prefers gaming. Who the **** thought this was a good question? Nobody here is that ******* smart to program computers. Anyway, let's move on to the next question.