Monday, September 19, 2016

Sims Reality All-Stars Season 3 Episode 2

*Day One*

Fungi: Who wants to see my Head of Household room?

Carlito: Well, we have to go with you to see it as not going with you to see it is a guaranteed way for you to get nominated.

Levi: Wait, where is Taz?

Nahita: Yeah, after the Head of Household competition, he disappeared for some reason.

Taz: I'm here! Production told me to change into my red shirt for me to not have people be confused with Levi. Now, let's go see the room.

Fungi: We shall! *attempts to unlock the HOH room door*

Fungi: And we have a ladder going down to the Head of Household room.

Fungi: It is a nature theme room. Just the way I like it. Oh there is a letter for me by the way. It says:

Dear Fungi,
It's so groovy to be talking to you again. We cant wait to see how you get on with all those free spirits in that big reality house your going too, We just need to buy a T.V first, We are kinda low on the coins at the moment.

To think after leaving you with a pack of wolves when your were 6 years old you would grow up to become such a far out chick, It's really cool to hear that you're having a groovy time, We are so proud of you. It's groovy man, Groovy!

Your mom says she hopes the forest has taught you the ways of mother earth and that you know not to eat the red berries. Anyway, You can clue me in on what's going down when you come home. Til then fly low and get with the words my special little toadstool, Peace and love.
Moonwolf & Raindancer (Dad & Mom) XXX

Taz: It's the first week here and I can say that I'm so ecstatic right now. I'm immune from being nominated and so are a few of the others who I like. Brad and Fungi are the most awesome couple ever and Nahita is a legend so I'm happy they are safe! It'll be interesting to see who Fungi nominates though, will she be strategic week one, or will she nominate to please the house? Who knows, but I'm eager to see it.

*Day Two*

Nahita: OMG! I can't believe that happened!

Taz: Hey Nahita? I was looking all over for you. What book are you reading?

Nahita: Inventing Dreams. They ended up having a major plot twist that I am surprised about it.

Taz: Mind if you take a break from reading to talk to me?

Nahita; No I don't mind.

Taz: So, about your hair?

Nahita: Oh I recently got into the habit of wearing different wigs as life is fun. I ended up packing a bunch of wigs into my luggage and I will like to wear a new wig every week.

Taz: That is interesting! Hey I am glad that we are immune this week. Can you imagine what will happened if one of us is the first boot this season?

Nahita: If I was the first person out this season, then I will miss out of all of the fun I might have with all of the contestants this season.

Taz: Yeah, I was the runner-up of my season so I never have the opportunity to ever be executed/evicted/voted out from a reality show. I really hope it remains the same here. Anyway, I am going to go now. It was nice talking to you.

Nahita: It was good talking to you as well. Goodbye for now, Taz!

*Day Three*

Levi: Yes! I got the final smash ball!

Carlito: Even when you do get it, I will defeat your Pikachu with my Villager. I always win no matter what.

Levi: We will see about that.

*Villager gets KO'd*

The Super Smash Bros Announcer: The winner is.....Pikachu!

Carlito: How the f*** did I lose? I win EVERYTHING including these stupid video games! I declare a rematch.

Levi: Carlito, video games are not about winning. They are about having fun.

Blanche: Fun? There is no such thing as fun.

Levi (sarcastically): Oh Blanche what a pleasant surprise to see you here.

Blanche: Anyway, games are about winning. From video games to this game, you do not have fun with them. I came here to win this season just like how I should of won the Mole.

Carlito: Said the woman that got executed twice during her time on the Mole.

Blanche: Hey, the first time I got executed, I was screwed by the duos twist and the second time that I got executed I was screwed by......something.. Anyway, I will be the winner of this season no matter what.

Carlito: Hey listen here! I am the only winner here as I wear a metal around my head to prove that. You weren't screwed by anything the second time. You are just afraid to admit that you are a loser.

Blanche: If I was a d*** loser then I would of been out first. Francesca Hogi got voted out first and she became a memetic loser afterwords. Plus, Jake does not allow "losers" like her to be on the show.

Levi: Technically speaking, me, you, and two other All-Stars lost the game in their previous seasons and we could be considered losers because of that so Jake does allow "losers" on the show.

Blanche: Shut up!

Carlito: You keep talking like that all that you want but you do realize your ego will make not make you win the show.

Blanche: Same thing can be said for you. You know what? I am willing to bet that I am the winner of this season and I know you are willing to bet your stupid a** will win this season.

Carlito: I am willing to bet on that. Levi, decide on what will happen if one of us loses this season.

Levi: know that you both have plenty of money, right? Blanche, you rely on old money to live your life. Carlito, you won your season and you told me that you have not spent all your money yet. To the both of you, if you lose this season, then you will own me 100,000 dollars.

Carlito: Deal! I probably won't give a single penny to you since I know I am going to win.

Blanche: I am not the type to give money but I know I am going to win unlike C***lito so I agree to this deal as well. Now, hasta la vista, b****! 

*Day Four*

Brad: Well, nominations are today! Do you have any idea on who to nominate?

Fungi: Well, I do not want to nominate a new sim because this is their first time playing in a reality show so I rather have a bad guy go home this time.

Brad: Well, which bad guys do you want to nominate? I heard Carlito and Blanche got into a huge fight yesterday and they may want to go after each other once the teams are disbanded. Because of that, you may want to nominate Levi and Cizika.

Fungi: Yeah but at the same time, I do not want there to be any drama at all so I may want to nominate Carlito and Blanche. I am going to ask Leif on . Also, is it alright if you went into the Room of Exile? I want one of us to have the idol.

Brad: Sure! I do not mind one bit!

Fungi: Okay this is the nominations ceremony. Nahita, Taz, and Brad are all from being nominated but I have to send one of them into the Room of Exile in which I choose Brad. Anyway, I have decided to nominate............

Carlito because the Tree's told me too. Sorry Bro! Peace, Love and hugs. I also decided to nominate .......

Blanche because I wanna gives the new guys a chance, Hope the bad guys understand and aren't too mad at me. Please forgive me Blanchey baby!

Fungi: With that, this meeting is adjourned.