Thursday, October 27, 2016

Sims Reality All-Stars Episode 5 Part Two

*Day 12*

Blanche: Well, I just got the key to the HOH room. However, I prefer seeing my room first without any these freaking stupid millennials talking about my room.

Cameraman: Wait, if you call millenials stupid, then are you supporting the Gen X people?

Blanche: Yes, the Gen X people knows that reality shows like Survivor and this show are not supposed to be there for people to make-out and find love. Join that AYTO show if you want to find love.

Blanche: Looks nice! Better than that Bridgeport Room I have been staying at. Well, there is a letter so let me open it.

Dearest Blanchey-poo,
Things are not the same without you around to constantly complain about the room temperature. I don't have anyone around to sit around eating applesauce with or to play Bridge with. I love you honey and destroy all of those weak-minded little urchins for me! xoxo
Your gracious lover,

Blanche: *cries a bit* Thank you Agnes. It feels good to have somebody else to love without my family judging me for who I am.

Taz: Well, it seems like all of us are safe this week.

Paige: Unless that granny turns out to be a traitor.

Nahita: Well, I do not think that will the case here.

Max: She knows that betraying one of us will as stupid as one of us eating a poisonous cake.

Taz: Well, who do you think she will nominate this week?

Nahita: She has to nominate Fungi and Brad.

Max: Yeah, a showmance is basically an alliance as Fungi and Brad pretty much trust each other causing them to be a threat.

Paige: Just like Figgy and Taylor

Fungi: Well, it seems like both of us are getting nominated this week unless something happens.

Brad: Yeah it seems like that. Anyway, can I talk to you about something?

Fungi: Yes!

Brad: It just seems you have been paying more attention to Leif than me.

Fungi: What?

Brad: I just feel lonely since you have been paying more attention to Leif than me.

Fungi: Well, I just feel bad that he was a bit lonely himself. It is very hard for other people to understand him.

Brad: Well, if that the case, then maybe I have an idea?

Fungi: And that idea is....

Brad: Since he stated he has a crush on another plant, maybe we can bring her over to this house so that he doesn't feel lonely?

Fungi: That actually sounds like a good idea. I will ask production if that can happened soon-ish.

*Day 13*

Carlito: Hey Cizika, since Fungi and Brad seems to be getting nominated this week unless we do something, I have an idea on what we should do.

Cizika: And that idea is......

Carlito: We just lie to Blanche about two of her alliance members voting for her last week.

Cizika: Only a foolish fool who foolishly dreams of foolish dreams can think Blanche will believe that lie from both of us. You and Blanche are not exactly two people that get along well and I would have zero reason to tell that to her since I am immune this week and I will doubt that Blanche will believe that I cared about who voted for her last week.

Carlito: That is why Jelly and Zander are telling that to Blanche. They could just lie to Blanche about them not being completely loyal to the Ultimates and they wanted to work with Blanche instead us.

Cizika: Well, if that was the case, then Blanche will be less likely to be a foolish fool who will only listen to the foolish opinions of other foolish fools.

Zander: Blanche, me and Jelly have a question to ask you.

Blanche: And that question is?

Jelly: Who do you think voted for you last week?

Blanche: I think that...........nevermind! Can the both of you get to the point and not talk about this silly nonsense?

Zander: Look, I overheard production talking about two new sims voting for you last week. I know for a fact that both me and Jelly voted for Levi last week. Because of that, this leaves both Max and Paige voting for you last week.

Blanche: Stop it with this silliness. I know that you are lying about this.

Jelly: Do you actually think that we are lying about this or do you wish to think that we are lying about this?

Zander: Just to keep that thought into your head by the way.

Jelly: We are heading out and your decision to believe us or not is up to you.

*Day 14*

Blanche: Okay, this is the nominations ceremony. Unless you are an idiot, then you should know what happens here. Let's get started. The person I have decided to send the Room of Exile is......

Cizika! Now, if anybody has a hidden immunity idol and they want to play it, now will the time to do so.


Blanche: Okay, I have decided to nominate.......

Brad because he came for me and if you cross me, you're dead. I have also decided to nominate........

Max because he voted for me last week and I am exacting my revenge. This meeting is adjourned!

Stay tuned for the next episode

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Just wanted to state two things

1. The whole Jelly/Zander overhearing production thing is not true. I do not want anybody to get any ideas.

2. Skelda actually nominated Max (TSS) first and then he nominated Brad (Ninja) second. I switched the order around just for dramatic effect. Just wanted to state that in case that means anything.