Wednesday, October 19, 2016

SRAS Season Three Episode Five Part One

*Day Eleven*

Carlito: Well, we gotten rid of Levi this week.

Cizika: The weak always goes home first. Only the strongest one stays in the end.

Jelly: Well, based upon your definition of strong, I kinda think you will be the winner since you are the only person to use violence to make people strong.

Cizika: My methods work well. The people I made strong live longer than the weaklings in this world.

Zander: Hey, can we change the topic for a bit?

Carlito: Yeah, I just want to state that you should not make me regret not getting rid of Blanche this week. Me and Blanche are not getting along though I do agree that Levi is more likely to win challenges instead of Blanche.

Zander: Yeah, in Big Brother, the older people to lose more challenges than win them. People such as Daniele, Janelle, and Rachel are all pretty strong in challenges and none of them are "old" in comparison to some other people.

Jelly: I have to admit that I feel uncomfortable around Cizika. She stays for everything that I think is rude, obnoxious and even criminal. She says that she can make people 'strong' just to find a reason to hurt them. That is not how that is going to work here. Thats exactly why humans have such a bad pictures of vampires nowadays, and because a douche named Aiden claimed to be the founder of Moonlight Falls. Oh please, I'm a vampire too and even I know that the Wolffs are the original founders. Anyway, for now Cizika is my ally, but if she is going to behave in a brutal way, I won't guarantee that I will play the nice mom with her.


Blanche: Can you please not yell like that and don't call me by that name? You look like an idiot doing that.

Paige: Sorry.

Max: I'm glad that you get to stay another week. Levi never eats my cake while you usually like to eat my strawberry cake.

Blanche: Yes, a person I once loved smells like strawberries so eating strawberry cake reminds me of that person. Anyway, I wonder about the three fools who wanted to evict me. I kinda want to know who they are.

Max: Yeah, one person who voted for you stated that they overheard some conversations believing your name was thrown around a lot.

Paige: Wait, who has been overhearing conversations? Is somebody spying on us right now?

Max: Probably not. But is it possible that the Ultimates were very close to evicting you but they changed their mind? I guess we have to figure it out from there.

*Day 12*

Nahita: Checkmate, partner!

Taz: Nice game! Just curious about one thing.

Nahita: And that one thing is......

Taz: I kinda want to have a final two deal with you.

Nahita: What? Why?

Taz: Well, a lot of famous winners from reality shows tends to have a partner they can trust. This includes Cochran and Dawn, Denise and Malcolm, Jordan and Jeff, Dr. Will and Mike Boogie, and many more examples I could list. I kinda want you to be somebody I want to trust to the end. We are both heroes and we are both eliminated at the final three from our respective seasons.

Nahita: Well, buckaroo, it seems like you have a point. Brad and Fungi are basically partners in this game so us as the other two heroes are. Let's win this game.

Fungi: Hey Leif. How's it going?

*Leif rustles*

Fungi: Well, it is good to know you are doing alright.

Brad: Hey just something I am a bit curious about. What ended up happening in your mission in Alaska?

*Leif rustles*

Brad: Fungi, can you tell me what he stated?

Fungi: Well, let's just state that during his mission in Alaska, he has been seeing another plant. He doesn't want to give a name but like us humans, he is a bit nervous about telling her stuff and things.

Brad: Well, I want to ask you this question. Leif, how would you feel if you waited too long into telling her those stuff and things?

*Leif rustles*

Fungi: He stated that you have a point but he is unsure to tell her or not.

Brad: Well, it is your decision so you get to decide what to do or not. Just think about it, okay!

Ani: Welcome to your next Head of Household competition. Fungi is not going to participate in it due to her being the current Head of Household right now. Tonight, we are playing a competition called "Guess The Character". I have a name of a fictional character in my head and I will ask questions about them. Your job is think about what the fictional character can be and answer the questions correctly. If you guess correctly, then you will earn a point. The person with the most points in the end will win. Does everybody understand?

Everybody: Yes!

Ani: Okay, here is the first question. True of False: The name of the fictional character is male. If you think the answer is true, turn your cabinet green. If you think the answer is false, turn your cabinet red.

Ani: The correct answer is true! Zander, Cizika, Paige, Blanche, Max, and Nahita all get a point. Reset your cabinets and let's move on to the next question.

*After the competition*

Ani: Well, the winner of this competition is very clear. With seven points, the next Head of Household is going to be.....


Ani: Congrats Blanche. You are the next Head of Household. Also, in case you are curious on who the fictional character is, it just happens to be Leon Kuwata. He is such a misunderstood mafia goon.

Paige: I thought he was a vanilla townie.

Ani: Shut up! Anyway, stay tune for part two to see what happens next.

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Answer Key:
1. True
2. True
3. False
4. False
5. False
6. True
7. False
8. True