Thursday, October 6, 2016


*Day 11*

Carol: Hello everybody! My name is Carol Love! Happy St. Patrick's Day!If you are confused, then allow me to explain. I love holidays very much that I have decided to celebrate one everyday. Today, I am celebrating St. Patrick's Day. If the evicted contestant is not wearing green, then I will pinch them. Anyway, here is a brief recap.

Carol: Cizika, Fungi, and Brad decided to form an alliance due to them being on the same show. While Cizika may not really want to be in an alliance with people, she does realize that she has to be in an alliance with people to win this game and she went by the saying of the devil you do know is better than the devil you don't know when she was put in an alliance with them.

Carol: Fungi and Brad then decided to recruit Jelly, Zander, and Carlito. They wanted to at least two people from every team on board with the alliance. They thought Paige and Max were a bit too unusual for Cizika's taste and Carlito is the only other bad guy to not be nominated. After they formed the alliance and decide to call their alliance "The Ultimates", they discussed if they should get rid of Blanche who Carlito has personally did not get along with for the past couple of days or Levi who is lead to believe that he is more likely to win challenges instead of Blanche.

Carol: Meanwhile, somebody overheard them talking that alliance and everybody else decided to form a counter alliance in which they called it "The Counter Alliance".

Carol: Now, then on to the eviction ceremony. Now, I am going to read the votes along with the reasons why people voted for that person. Those people will remain anonymous for obvious reasons. Here are the votes:

???: I vote to evict Levi because his presence irritates me.

???: I vote to evict Blanche because I was overhearing some conversations and I heard your name was thrown around a lot

???: I vote to evict Levi because I believe that you could be a major threat to everyone's game in the future, therefore removing you early will benefit all our games/

????: I vote to evict Blanche because she seems really grumpy... I would rather talk to Levi!

???: I vote to evict Levi because it'll push me just that much closer to winning! 

???: I vote to evict Blanche because she seems like nothing more than a cranky old lady.

???: I vote to evict Levi because I feel this will help me in the house.

???: I vote to evict Levi because I think that it is better for my personal game.

Carol: Levi, that was five votes which is enough for you to be evicted from the Sims Reality All-Stars house. Please come out of the house.

Levi: Well, guys, it was nice meeting you all. Goodbye everybody! I hope that one of my teammates this game!

Carol: Levi, lucky for you, you are wearing green so I do not have to pinch you.

Levi: What?

Carol: Anyway, some house guests left some goodbye messages for you. Please listen!

Paige: Levi why are you going! You should really stay...

Taz: I'm so sorry to see you go. Levi, we first played together on The Mole and now I'm seeing you go a second time. You truly are an All-Star and don't you forget that mister!

Fungi: So long bro. Hope the spirits of the forest take care of you outside the game. Peace, Love & Hugs. 

Carlito: Sorry to see you go my fellow villainous friend. Sadly, you did not seem an asset to helping the villains win this game, and I wanted to beat Blanche with my own hands. So sadly, you have been evicted at the hands of Carlito Mendez. Goodbye Levi.

Carol: Well, that was it for now. Stay tune for the next episode to see who wins the next Head of Household competition.

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