Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Sims Reality All-Stars Season Three Episode 6

Tim: Okay this is Tim. I am just here to state some weird freaky glitches happened when the editing team edited the episode and we only got footage for the Power of Veto ceremony. I will like to apologize for this as we can only show the Power of Veto ceremony. Just for the record, Max won the Power of Veto and we will show it to you right now. Also, be right back as I HAVE TO TAKE A S***.

*Day 16*

Max: Okay, this is the Power of Veto ceremony. Let me make this quick. I am not going to be like Marcellas as I am going to use it on myself. Blanche, as the Head of Household, you will have to make a replacement nominee.

Blanche: First of all, if anybody has a hidden immunity idol and want to use it, please do so now.

Blanche: Okay, nobody wants to use it. Just for the record, I have reasons to believe about people have been lying about who voted for. While they may true about this, I believe they are not telling the truth. I am going to nominate one of those people as I am going to nominate......

Blanche: Zander because you've been distant from me.

Brad: Welcome to the block, buddy!

Max: This meeting is adjourned.

Stay tune for the next episode