Monday, December 26, 2016

Sims Reality All-Stars Episode 8 Part Two

*Day 19*

Jade: To be honest this challenge was pretty easy, to keep focussing on something is something I learned years ago before I got the Master Of Sim Fu. Even though I'm not so excited about the nomination part, I really can't wait to see the letter the HoH gets. Don't get me wrong, this is such a great experience, but I also miss home and my family. I think there might come some old woman tears after the letter haha.

Jelly: So, I guess this is my HOH room. It reminds me of Shang Simla in which it is like a second home to me. Now, I kinda want to read a letter from my daughter alone please. I just need to read one from her.

*Day 20*

Nahita: Well it seems like you and Levi are going to get nominated.

Blanche: No sh*t! Jelly promised you safety and since she can't nominate Max or Paige along with the fact it will be f***ing stupid to nominate your own allies, of course me and Levi are going to get nominated.

Nahita: Unless....I have an idea to have to none of us get weaken this weak.

Blanche: And that idea is.....?

Nahita: We need to talk to Max and Paige about it. We have to tell Jelly something and she will more likely to believe Max and Paige about that something given how they are both safe this week.

Blanche: Okay, let's do it!

Paige: Hey Jelly Belly, we need to talk to you about something as important as Christmas shopping.

Jelly: What are you giving me for Christmas?

Max: Two things. First, you are getting cake as a late Christmas gift.

Paige: Second, Carlito decided to talk to Levi the Leprechaun and he is considering about the possibly of working with our little green buddy to get rid of Fungi.

Max: You may want to get to keep a close eye as he is basically playing both sides now.

Jelly: Thanks for telling me this information.

Fungi: So, about Carlito, do you think what Max and Paige said is true?

Cizika: Now, that I think about it, Carlito has been acting a bit unusual lately.

Fungi: Why would Carlito want to get rid of me? Is it some sort of emotional decision?

Cizika: I do not think any of us is playing emotions. If that was the case, me and Jelena would of attempted to get rid of each other as of this very moment.

Cizika: "Young Jelena looks upon me with such contempt. No doubt she has felt my gaze. Something will happen to her one day. Something always happens."

Cizika: Anyway, Carlito has a thing called cockiness. Carlito won Abnormality and because of that, he thinks he can win this show and do whatever strategy to do to win this show without any consequences. The thing is that cockiness almost always lead to the downfall of many weaklings and if what Max and Paige said is true, it may lead to the downfall of Carlito.

Fungi: You have a point there. Carlito can probably just think that he can get away with playing both sides and I kinda feel like people playing both sides are kinda very dangerous people. I am not sure if we should 100% believe Max and Paige or not. We have to nominate people in our best interests.

*Day 21*

Jelly: Well, this is the nominations ceremony. First of all, I have to send somebody into the Room of Exile in which they will receive a clue to the hidden immunity idol but they can not participate in the Power of Veto competition. I am going send......

Paige to the Room of Exile because I can't find a reason to send Max to the Room Of Exile. Now, I have decided to nominate........

Blanche for the weakening this week because she is one of the strongest and most experienced players here. I also decided to nominate

Carlito for the weakening this week because you keep annoying everybody with your overexaggerated confidence just because you won ABNORMALITY and I think you are also a beast at competitions. This meeting is adjourned!

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