Saturday, December 17, 2016

Sims Reality All-Stars Episode Eight Part One

*Day 18*

Carlito: Welcome back to the game.

Levi: Yeah, too bad we are not in the same team anymore.

Carlito: Well, can I ask you one question? Do you feel slightly upset that the people in your alliance voted to evict you?

Levi: Kinda!

Carlito: Well, I slightly upset that Fungi nominated me for eviction during the first week. Plus, she was in a showmance with Brad and in the event Brad comes back into the game because of somebody else having a non-gameplay elimination, it was make them a huge threat so how about we have a secret alliance to get Fungi out?

Levi: That sounds like an interesting plan. I can be up for it.

*Day 19*

Ani: Well, I have a new twist this week and it comes with good news and bad news

The good news is that nobody will be evicted this week.
The bad news is that instead of an eviction, we will have a "weakening" this week. If you are "weaken" in this game, you can not compete in any competitions for the next three weeks in which this includes Power of Veto competitions and Head of Household competitions. Obviously unless your strategy is to throw every single challenge, you do not want that to happen to you as your only shot to guarantee safety for next three weeks will be gone as you will basically be a sitting duck. If you are weaken and you are nominated in the next three weeks, you can not use the Power of Veto save yourself.

So, this week, the Head of Household will nominate two people for "weakening" this week. If they are concerned about one contestants winning the Head of Household or the Power of Veto and using their competition win in some way to get them out, then it will be a good week to do that. Now let's get into the actual Head of Household competition.

Ani: Blanche as the current Head of Household, you can not participate in this week's HOH competition. This competition is called "Stand On The Column". Both of your feet are onto a column. If any of your feet lose touch of the column, you are out of the competition. The last person standing wins HOH. Is everybody clear?

Everybody: Yes!

Ani: Good because I won't have to deal with any dumb a**es here. Now, begin!

Max: I am out. I am very hungry and I want to have some cake.


Ani: Just like that, two people are out and we just wasted money building two columns.

*17 minutes into the competition*

Levi: Sorry but I really have to use the bathroom.

Ani: Don't you dare pee in the pool below you. Use a darn toilet.

Levi: Don't worry. I will use a toilet.

*23 minutes into the competition*

Nahita: Hey Carlito, want to make a deal?

Carlito: About what?

Nahita: Well, all three of your allies in the game are still in this competition and they never be likely to nominate you. Can you step for a minute as I promise I will not nominate you if I win HOH?

Carlito: Hmmm..... if I do that, I won't have to get much blood on my hands. People who have too much blood on their hands early on will get targeted and they will likely to lose in which Carlito will never lose a reality show. Consider your deal accepted.

Nahita: Thanks!

Carlito: Hasta la vista, baby!

*26 minutes into this competition*

Cizika: Ha, this competition is so easy I can perform exercises right now.

Jelly: I like to see you try.

Cizika: Here I am performing jumping jacks.

Ani: And Cizika is out of this competition.

Cizika: What?

Ani: I stated once your feet lose touch of your column, you are out. By performing jumping jacks, you let your feet lose touch of your column and therefore you are out.

Cizika: Ugh....whatever.

*29 minutes into the competition*

Jelly: Hey, Nahita, if I win Head of Household, I will promise you that I will not nominate you.

Nahita: Can you pinky promise that?

Jelly: Um....yeah the distance between you and us made it hard for us to pinky promises.

Fungi: Do a metaphorical pinky promise.

Jelly: Fine, I metaphorically pinky promise you that I won't nominate you.

Nahita: I wish it was a metaphorical pinky promise.

Fungi: Plus, if I win, you will automatically be immune from nominations.

Nahita: Well, if since both of you went on to guarantee my safety this week and I rather not get too much blood on my hands, I will eliminate from this competition.

Fungi: Be sure to feed Leif and Sunlight when you get eliminated from the competition.

Ani: And just like that, Nahita is out.

*33 minutes into the competition*

Jelly: Hey Fungi, you already won a HOH competition and you gotten a letter from a loved one of yours, correct?

Fungi: Yeah, what about it?

Jelly: I really want a letter from my daughter Jade and the way to do that is by winning HOH. Since you already a HOH competition and I haven't, can you make me have HOH just for this week?

Fungi: Um sure!

Fungi: Congrats Jelly, you just won Head of Housheold.

Ani: Hey, you stole my line. Though anybody with eyes can tell who the new Head of Household, so yeah. Come and get your keys, Jelly.

*Stay tuned for Part Two*

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