Saturday, December 3, 2016

Sims Reality All-Stars Season 3 Episode 7

*Day 16*

Paige: Thanks for believing in us, Blanche. We totally didn't vote for you as we voted for Levi Pevi.

Max: Next time, please don't listen to the other side. Zander and Jelly lied to you and it nearly costed me my game.

Blanche: I can't believe I listened to these stupid millennials. Why did I do that?

Max: Anyway, who should we get rid of this week? I kinda want to get rid of Zander this week because of how he lied to Blanche and got me nominated for eviction this week.

Paige: But Fungi and Brad are a showmance together and therefore, they are in an alliance together. This makes them huge threats in the game. A bigger threat than Zander in my opinion. Blanchey-poo, what do you think?

Blanche: You do not need my opinion. I am safe this week and you two should vote whoever who I want to vote for. I really don't care as just as long as you didn't vote for me, everything will be alright.

Fungi: Are you ready to get your *** kicked by the Great Master of Sim Fu?

Zander: Hey, I may be wearing a white belt but that does not mean that I can't win against you.

Jelly: Miss!

Jelly: TAKE....

Jelly: THAT!

Jelly: You'll have to try harder than that.

Zander: There, you win!

Jelly: GG! Now, isn't that better than getting stronger with Cizika?

Zander: Never in a million years do I want to get stronger with Cizika.

Jelly: Yeah, to be honest, I am not the biggest fan of her. Her attempts at using violence is one of the many reasons why humans have a bad picture of vampires.

Zander: Then why did we align with her?

Jelly: Well, it is like Ghostbusters as "When someone asks you if you're a god you say yes!" Only instead of asking if you are a god or not, you instead ask if you want to be in an alliance with them or not. I have to say yes into being an alliance or else I could be in a lot of trouble.

Zander: So, if you reject an alliance with somebody,  the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man will come and get you. Kidding. I get it. I bet you hope that Cizika has the time of her life at the Room of Exile. Being sarcastic by the way.

*Flashback on Day 14*

Cizika: Since Blanche sent me to the room of exile, I wonder is in store for me.

Cizika: This is it? I was expecting traps and tricks that can make people stronger.

Cameraman: Hey, we are trying to keep our contestants alive and not dead.

Cizika: Shut up, cameraman!

Cizika: Let me read the hidden immunity idol clue before anything else.

Cizika: I guess this is going to be my bed. I have slept much less comfortable places than this so if they feel like I am going to hard time with sleeping on a couch, think again!

*Flashback on Day 15*

Cizika: Cameraman, why are you filming me taking a shower?

Cameraman: Because of......reasons. Look I am not a pervert or anything.

Cizika: Oh sure you aren't.

Cizika: Cold shower? You have to try harder to make me feel even more miserable for staying here. Now, I am attempted to see what food you find so miserable that is inside the fridge.

Cizika: Canned soup? Is this soup poisonous?

Cameraman: NO! Like we stated, we don't want to kill our contestants.

Cizika: Pathetic!

*Day 17*

Brad: Hey I see that Leif has a friend now.

Fungi: I wonder who it is.

Brad: Me too!

*Leif the Plant rustles*

Fungi: Oh. You know how Leif has been seeing another plant? This is her. Her name is Sunlight. Thanks to us, she was able to be in the house with Leif.

Brad: Good! Now, I won't have to feel left out when you and Leif talk.

Fungi: Yeah, I know you have been feeling like I have been paying more attention to Leif than you. Now, with Sunlight here, I can pay as much attention to you so that Leif doesn't feel alone.

Brad: Can you do me a favor? If you feel like I am going to get evicted, then vote to evict me. I do not want to feel like you will be targeted if you vote for the minority. Can you do that?

Fungi: Well, I do not want to vote to evict you so I will try to keep you safe. However, if I feel there is no way out of this mess, I guess I will vote to evict you.

Carlito: Um Taz, what are you doing?

Nahita: You have been near this dresser for a long time.

Taz: Well, I have to leave this game.

Nahita: What?

Carlito: Are you quitting this game?

Taz: Actually, I have to leave to an urgent personal matter that only I can take care of. There are giving me a few moments to pack my bags.

Nahita: Well, we will miss you when you leave this house.

Taz: I will miss you guys, too!

Carlito: Well, look at the bright side. My chances at winning the game went from an one to ten chance to an one to nine chance.

*Day 18*

Carol: Hello everybody. As many of you guys know, Taz has left this game due to an urgent personal matter. Because of this and we want to have a certain strict schedule, we bring in somebody to replace Taz. Come on in....

Levi: Hello there everybody!

Carol: Levi is now taking over Taz's spot.

Levi: No s***! Anybody with eyes can see that.

Carol: You forgot to your medicine, did you?

Levi: Of course I f****** did. The Levi with those darn medicine would never been this upset.

Carol: Anyway, since Levi can easily have for a him to either a hero or a villain with the state he is currently in is him being a villain and the state wgere he did took his medicine makes him a hero along with the fact that he is taking the place of Taz aka another hero, we are putting him with the team of the good guys. Now please take a seat.

Carol: Now, then the contestants have casted their votes to evict somebody from the house.  I am going to read the votes along with the reasons why people voted for that person. Those votes will remain anonymous for obvious reasons. Here are the votes:

???: I vote to evict Brad because he seems the most dangerous out of the two. Zander doesn't really pose a threat this early on where as I think Brad will be a force to be reckoned with later down the line. Plus I suspect Brad has an Idol clue. Best to nip this problem in the bud asap so it doesn't come back to bite me in the behind later on.

???: I vote to evict Zander, but not because I want either of them gone. I don't want anyone to go, but I have to choose someone. I just don't know him well enough.

???: I vote to evict Brad because I simply like Zander better. 

???: I vote to evict Brad because I don't trust him as much as I trust Zander.

???: I vote to evict Brad because of his blatant favoritism.

???: I vote to evict Brad because I see him as a good player and a threat.

Carol: Well, with five votes, Brad has been evicted from the Sims Reality All-Stars house as that was enough votes to evict you from that house.

Brad: Well, it has been a nice ride with you guys. See you all at the finale.

Zander: With that, I am quitting this game.

Jelly: What did you just say?

Paige: Zander Mander, why would do that?

Nahita: You are giving up a shot to win this game by doing that.

Zander: Well, this game ended up having Levi return from the game. I highly believe once you have been eliminated from the show, then you shouldn't return to the game. I don't want to join a show where eliminated contestants come back into the game so I want to quit this game.

Fungi: You do realize that people return to the game in the second season of this show?

Cizika: Yeah, you are basically a foolish fool spouting foolish foolishness if you think you can play this foolish game of fools that previously has people do something that you are so foolishly against doing.

Carol: Well whatever. Brad, you are evicted from the Sims Reality All-Stars house. Zander, if you wish to quit this game, please follow Brad with you.

Zander: Will do!

Carol: Well, first of all, I have to do this.

*comes to Zander and Brad and pinches both of them*

Zander: Oh! That hurts.

Brad: Why would do that?

Carol: It's Saint Patrick's Day. Don't you remember?

Zander: It's not Saint Patrick's Day.

Carol: So what! I celebrate it every Tuesday. You two are not wearing green, so I get to pinch you.

Brad: But my hair is green

Carol: It doesn't count as clothing in my opinion. Now, Zander please exit this house now as I talk to Brad.

Carol: Well Brad, you had an interesting boot episode to say the least. Let's take a look at some goodbye messages that the other contestants said to you-

Nahita: Oh, Brad, with the beautiful green hair, I'm sorry you got voted out. It's a bummer, but I suppose life could be worse right now. Remember you have a wonderful woman in Fungi. Don't take that for granted. Oh, and if you and Fungi have children one day, I wonder what their hair will look like. Perhaps turqoise? Oooh, now that would be beautiful! Um, but yeah, I'm getting ahead of myself. Haha! Anyway, live life strong.

Cizika: Meditate on this defeat, and the reasons for it. It is... my will that it not repeat... as it should be yours.

Blanche: You tried to get me out last week, well look who's gone now! Muahahahaha, see you around loser.
Fungi: No! Brad, Why you gotta leave?! *cries* See you Bro, Wish we could have played this game together until the end, Looks like it wasn't meant to be. Peace, Love & hugs.

Brad: Fungi, don't cry. My eviction makes your chance at winning the game better. Fungi, I know you are not hearing this but I will root for every single day in hopes that you win the game.

Carol: Ah, that's sweet. If your eviction yesterday aka Valentine's Day, then it would of been a perfect Valentine's Day message for you to say to Fungi. Now, I hope you enjoy this and we will be here for Episode 8. Bye everyone!

Jelly: "What's up guys? 1, 2, 3. Your asking why I'm doing jumping jacks during my DRE? 1, 2, 3. Well, I just found out that saying things or people I don't really like while doing Jumping Jacks calm me down. Let me demonstrate you.

1, 2, 3.


1, 2, 3.


1, 2, 3.

Cizika, but don't tell her.

You see? I feel way better now. And because I was active during this I'm also well prepared for the next challenge. That means Win for my game and for my mood haha.

Some notes:

The reasonings for certain votes have been edited to keep the people who casted the votes less obvious.

Also, Smarties and Jaynnick have been force-eliminated from the game as it has been past a month since Jaynnick posted on the forums and it almost nearly a month since Smarties posted on the forums. In addition, neither of them have been in contact with me so I ended up force-eliminating them.

Also, while Tip has been in contact with me, she has not send me her vote so I will make her sit out in the next HOH competition as punishment for that.

Also, with Jaynnick being force-eliminating, I will like to confirm that somebody else will return to the game just for the extra week.